Blindspot s4 ep 15


An impressive but extremely obvious set-up/armoured truck heist leads to yet another nuclear threat to New York, and kudos to our heroes for pretending to be shocked, but at this point it really is more surprising when an episode of Blindspot passes without the possibility of nuclear obliteration of everyone in the five boroughs. Luckily, though, the plot is wholly incidental to the many other delights on offer this week. The cheerfully ridiculous “Call me Dave” from DOI is back and driving Patterson insane. Kurt is a big fan of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. (I haven’t seen that one, but Rogue Nation and Fallout are terrific too, Kurt, let’s talk.) Keaton is NOT DEAD (Hurrah!) and totally ready to sacrifice his entire existence to save Zapata, and I may be the only person in the entire WORLD shipping them, but the writers are totally helping me along with it – Reade was definitely jealous in the hospital scene, Zapata was more relaxed in those few minutes with Keaton than she’s been with anyone else in the team for years now, and did I mention he was ready to throw himself, his career and the rest of his life under the big CIA black site bus to save her? I rest my case.

All of this pales into insignificance, however, beside the true joy of the episode. No, it’s not Jane’s angst, back again and something of a miscalculation, I think, since all it does is remind us that girlfriend really should be in a black site somewhere herself, given all the stuff she did before she became the new, improved version we have now. I like Jane 2.0 (or whichever iteration we’re currently on), and I’m quite happy to hand-wave her continued freedom at the moment but if the show keeps making me think too much about her crimes – which, let’s face it, are many and spectacular – that’s going to become a lot more difficult.

But never mind my moral quandaries. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Rich’s latest, and possibly greatest, work of genius: “a board game! Starring us! Solving complicated mysteries by completing puzzle-based tests on three unique boards!” And in which Patterson is taller than Kurt, you can get a “Commendation from the Bigwigs” card, and Dave from DOI is a peanut. Tattoo Squad forever!


Blindspot s4 ep 4


Although Blindspot as a show is about as realistic as the possibility of me suddenly finding out I’m the secret heir to the throne of a small European monarchy (yes, this is the plot of both the romance novel I’m currently reading and The Princess Diaries), I suppose we need to be realistic in our expectations of it and accept that few, if any, episodes are ever going to measure up to last week’s Quantico Affair. So although a fair chunk of this week’s is set in Patterson’s lab, it’s not the same. Having said that, I do enjoy a mystery contagion / lockdown episode and this was a good, solid, eminently watchable one, made significantly better by my beloved PatDotCom, as usual. Rich even gets a bit of character development, bless him; not only is he very sweet to both poor doomed Laurel and heartsick Reade, but he even contracts a Secret Pain which, ordinarily, would make me a bit wary – the last thing Blindspot needs is more angst – but the wonderful Ennis Esmer brings the lightest, rightest touch to it, as ever, so if it means more screen time for him, bring it on.

Outside the lab meanwhile, Allie’s back and kind and supportive of Kurt in a refreshingly non-tv-ex-like kind of way (unless you’re watching 911 which also has a kind, supportive ex/ new love set-up l really like – if all this niceness and generosity is going to be the new normal for tv exes, l’m all for it). NotJane is running her own secret op, causing a stampede and fighting with Imaginary Roman (Fauxman?) because even death cannot stop that guy from being a complete pain in the everything. And Zapata has competition for Madeleine’s affections in the form of the singularly, startlingly charmless Claudia, who seems unlikely to hang about for long, but then effing Roman’s still here, so what do I know? Anyway, I’m losing patience with whatever the hell Zapata thinks she’s up to, and after this week’s ending, I would think Reade is too. We’ll see what next week brings.

Blindspot s4 ep 3

This utter delight of an episode begins with a neat little sidestep away from last week’s cliffhanger: we know the Remy/ Kurt confrontation is coming eventually, but not today. Today’s all about Patterson, Rich and the Quantico recruits back at the office, and it is just glorious.

Patterson’s love life shenanigans. Rich’s super-speedy briefings. “Little Face-timesy” videos. Team Tat covered in paint and feathers (“He also had chickens.”) – if there was any part of “The Quantico Affair” that wasn’t ace, I don’t remember it. And at the centre of it all, the unpopcult dream team of PatDotcom (“Ride or die”, you guys!) and a riotously funny, joyously entertaining script delivered with so much fun and flair it made my month. “Eh, they just wanna kick down doors, they don’t care about the stuff we do in here”- au contraire, Rich, mon frère. I love Ennis Esmer. I love Ashley Johnson. And I absolutely loved this. Magnificent.

Blindspot s4 ep 2


Blindspot continues its efforts to out-crazy itself this week with a story about a twenty-year-old magnetic mural on the wall at Tat HQ, which in turn leads to a fake secret spy club, which in turn leads to a real secret Russian plot and a talking ATM filled with sleeping gas instead of cash. Sure, why not.

That, however, is not even the half of it. Evil Jane is doing a spot of Evil Science, slipping Patterson a sugar pill to keep her temporarily incapacitated (see gas, sleeping) and prepping a nasty-looking syringe to make Weller more permanently so. Boston Arliss Crabb is back and trying to supplant Rich in everyone’s affections (as if!). Keaton is back too and suddenly acting a lot more protective of Zapata than he’s ever been before, either because he’s realised (correctly) that it’s the easiest way to get info out of the lovelorn Reade, or because the writers have realised (correctly) that Kapata would be a much better ship anyway. And Zapata herself is getting into a bit of a pickle thanks to a woman I’m sure Team Tat already locked up last year but who knows any more, a completely insane Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and a terrified little girl hiding in a wardrobe. Go big or go home, right?

If you’re looking for a realistic portrait of the challenges facing public sector intelligence services, I don’t think (I mean, without first-hand experience, I don’t actually know – maybe sleeping gas ATMs are actually a thing) this is the episode for you, but if you’re looking for some entertaining spy shenanigans with a healthy sense of the ridiculous and a fun way to spend 40ish minutes, fill your boots. Season 4 so far has some real pep in its step.

Blindspot s4 ep 1


We start, I hope, as we mean to go on: a thrilling, fantastically-choreographed action sequence, with a keen sense of humour and Rich Dotcom right in the middle of it. (Those last two things being very obviously connected to each other.) It’s wildly exciting and completely mad (in a thoroughly awesome way), and there’s no way the rest of the episode can live up to it, but that doesn’t stop everyone from giving it a good go.

Patdotcom are not even close to being romantic (sadly) but they’re a delightful double act, nonetheless. Kurt is a giant wounded puppy, nuzzling at Jane and making big sad eyes at her, increasingly bewildered as to why neither of those tactics seem to work any more. Jane herself isn’t Jane at all, nor is she Jane alone, since she and we are saddled with Imaginary Dead Roman, a character less annoying in death than he was in life, but who, nonetheless, has delighted us more than enough. (FFS, writers. Let. Him. Go.) By contrast, guest star Nyambi Nyambi doesn’t get to delight us for very long at all; no sooner has Jane managed to track him down, than she pretty much gets him killed, but he does get the line of the night in first with “What happened? You get hit in the head with a second coconut?” Hee. The insipid Blake doesn’t get to hang around either – bye, Blake! Please don’t appear in anybody’s flashbacks or hallucinations! – so Tasha’s new boss/mark is Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, who will always remind me of Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, and is therefore entirely welcome. New boss Weitz, I’m not so keen on, mind you, but Rich seems to enjoy him, so we’ll see. As for the plot, well, let’s be honest, it’s absolutely crazy, it doesn’t make a lot of sense and it doesn’t matter in the slightest. All that does matter is that this was really, really good fun. Let’s hope they can keep it up.

Public Service Announcement 43 of 2018: Blindspot

The fourth and possibly final – who knows, at this point – season of Blindspot hits UK screens tomorrow (Monday) night at 10pm on Sky Witness, with a number of potentially encouraging signs. For one thing, REDACTED is dead. Woo! Unfortunately, though, it looks like that alone doesn’t mean we’ll be rid of him and his whining – I’m guessing he’ll crop up in plenty of flashbacks, nonetheless. Boo! Let’s try another, then: OTHER REDACTED has switched back to evil! Well. As we said at the end of last season, the show really needs a shake-up and this is certainly that. But I really don’t like stories where people “secretly” act like pantomime villains for the audience while the good guys act oblivious, so l hope OTHER REDACTED switches back to good in two or three eps, rather than twenty-three of them. Third time’s the charm, then: Rich Dotcom is now a series regular! We adore Ennis Esmer round here, and his partnership with Ashley Johnson’s Patterson – the (remote, maybe, but I ship, therefore I am) possibility of PATDOTCOM! – is the greatest gift the show could possibly give us this year. I’d keep watching and reviewing just for them, but if the Chair of Truth could make another appearance and Weller could hang out with Bill Nye the Science Guy again, that would be more than welcome too.

Blindspot s3 ep 16


Blindspot is not wasting any time this season. A couple of weeks ago, we found out REDACTED was alive, this week – thanks to Rich Dotcom and the dragonfly tattoo – Team Tat does too. Except for Zapata, who already knew, and isn’t massively popular as a result. To their credit, though, the team set their anger aside and get on with stopping the imminent attack – in an exciting twist, it’s not “today”, it’s, uh, “tomorrow” – but it’s touch and go for the devastated Patterson, who will (and should) be looking to appoint a new best friend pronto. The choice is obvious, of course: Rich’s Room of Requirement remedy is very sweet, the pair of them together are adorable and I need more PATDOTCOM in my life. (That smarmy Puritan from OPR can get knotted.)

In other news, Roman and Crawford bond over their sucky childhoods and the latter’s grandiose plan to end all violence other than that committed or authorised by himself; Roman may have something badly wrong with him other than chronic self- righteousness; and Zapata tells Reade how she feels about him two years too late for Reade and one week too late for me: I’ve only just bought my season ticket for the Zeaton train and I’m not getting off any time soon. I’m guessing Reade will come around and Rapata will get all loved up ere too long, but I really wish they wouldn’t.