The Good Fight s2 ep 7

If this week’s TGF doesn’t quite hit last week’s heady heights for me, it comes very close – it’s only because I don’t care about Maia’s love life and I don’t quite know yet what the show’s trying to say about Marissa’s that it falls short at all. Those quibbles aside, though, everything in the other two main stories – both political, both handled with aplomb – is as awesome as we’ve come to expect from The Good Fight.

The magnificent combination of Christine Baranski, Delroy Lindo, Audra McDonald and Michael Boatman is joined by tv royalty Margo Martindale as the visiting DNC rep, and the ensuing battles about the rights and wrongs and how-tos of impeachment are dazzling: as witty as they are smart, and as sharp and pointed as they are fantastic fun. And they manage to get an Avengers and Justice League reference in there, which makes one half of unpopcult very pleased indeed. Heh.

As the partners duke it out in the conference room, meanwhile, Lucca is pulled into a different political campaign entirely with Colin’s unstoppable mum successfully luring her into his run for Congress. (I really like Colin – have I mentioned that?) Running for office storylines could sometimes be a mixed bag for The Good Wife – when they worked, they worked brilliantly; when they didn’t, we got Alicia’s campaign for DA – so it’s maybe too early to say how this one will pan out. But on the strength of this first outing, with the intriguing, amusing political director; the hilariously shameless Francesca; and a singing rabbit reminding me of this, it’s all looking pretty great so far. Maia’s love-life or not, “Day 450” is superb.