Blindspot s4 ep 12


Jane is in hospital, in the final stages of ZIP poisoning and uncharacteristically freaking out. (I’m not saying her fear and distress isn’t completely understandable, I’m just saying it’s not very Jane-ish.) Kurt, by her side, is doing his best to be loving and supportive, but love and support aren’t going to be enough, you guys, what we need is a quest! Yes, the only way to save Jane is to get the Stanton cells (which have gone from not really existing, to there being only one set in the world, to there now being a second…. by next week, they’ll be 3 for 2 in Tesco). And the only way to get the Stanton cells is to exchange them for the BOOK. OF. SECRETS. We’re going on a treasure hunt!

Happily, by “we”, I mean unpopcult’s favourites Patterson and Rich because, although Blindspot as a show is probably as close to done as Jane is for most of this ep, the PATDOTCOM double-act is only just getting started. So off they go to Peru to have an absolute ball finding EL LIBRO, and as Jed has commented before, the show’s commitment to location work makes a massive difference – that they really do go to Peru, and it looks amazing makes what was already going to be a delightful episode even better. Well, that and the fact that Ennis Esmer and Ashley Johnson are wonderful, and clearly having the best time together, and I love them. Yay!

And, by way of bonus, now that they’ve saved Jane, it looks like PATDOTCOM are going to try to save Zapata and her storyline too, which can only be a good thing. Not because I particularly like Zapata (I don’t), but because her storyline has been nothing but po-faced, unmitigated angst forever and I feel like I have been bored with it and her for my entire life. Even just adding Boston this week lightened things up considerably on that front. Imagine what adding PATDOTCOM could do….


Blindspot s4 ep 3

This utter delight of an episode begins with a neat little sidestep away from last week’s cliffhanger: we know the Remy/ Kurt confrontation is coming eventually, but not today. Today’s all about Patterson, Rich and the Quantico recruits back at the office, and it is just glorious.

Patterson’s love life shenanigans. Rich’s super-speedy briefings. “Little Face-timesy” videos. Team Tat covered in paint and feathers (“He also had chickens.”) – if there was any part of “The Quantico Affair” that wasn’t ace, I don’t remember it. And at the centre of it all, the unpopcult dream team of PatDotcom (“Ride or die”, you guys!) and a riotously funny, joyously entertaining script delivered with so much fun and flair it made my month. “Eh, they just wanna kick down doors, they don’t care about the stuff we do in here”- au contraire, Rich, mon frère. I love Ennis Esmer. I love Ashley Johnson. And I absolutely loved this. Magnificent.

Public Service Announcement 43 of 2018: Blindspot

The fourth and possibly final – who knows, at this point – season of Blindspot hits UK screens tomorrow (Monday) night at 10pm on Sky Witness, with a number of potentially encouraging signs. For one thing, REDACTED is dead. Woo! Unfortunately, though, it looks like that alone doesn’t mean we’ll be rid of him and his whining – I’m guessing he’ll crop up in plenty of flashbacks, nonetheless. Boo! Let’s try another, then: OTHER REDACTED has switched back to evil! Well. As we said at the end of last season, the show really needs a shake-up and this is certainly that. But I really don’t like stories where people “secretly” act like pantomime villains for the audience while the good guys act oblivious, so l hope OTHER REDACTED switches back to good in two or three eps, rather than twenty-three of them. Third time’s the charm, then: Rich Dotcom is now a series regular! We adore Ennis Esmer round here, and his partnership with Ashley Johnson’s Patterson – the (remote, maybe, but I ship, therefore I am) possibility of PATDOTCOM! – is the greatest gift the show could possibly give us this year. I’d keep watching and reviewing just for them, but if the Chair of Truth could make another appearance and Weller could hang out with Bill Nye the Science Guy again, that would be more than welcome too.

Blindspot s3 ep 14


The Groundhog Day theme being more a staple of fantasy (romantic or otherwise) and science-fiction, I didn’t expect to see it in an episode of Blindspot; after all, the show might not worry too much about realism or plausibility, but it does generally tend to abide, if somewhat loosely, by the basic rules of linear time and space. So this week’s episode was not only a surprise, but a risky one: time loops tend not to feature too much in procedural drama for a reason. I needn’t have worried though – “Everlasting” was an innovative, inventive delight.

Ok, “a medically-induced coma” as an explanation is really just a glorified dream sequence but I have no problem with either when they’re as imaginatively and entertainingly done as this. The quick, clever script kept things moving but the real joy was in the many fantastic, hilarious little details: Patterson’s “offline” face-mask, the “Peterson” on her coffee cup, Jaimie Alexander’s pitch-perfect Ally Sheedy in the Breakfast Club sequence, Jane and Kurt’s swap of clothes, lines and personalities – building an episode like that around Ashley Johnson’s glorious Patterson (Ashley Johnson is tremendous all the time, by the way, in case we haven’t already made it clear) was a terrific idea and made for such a lot of fun, while still managing to make some serious points along the way. As well as properly introducing Ami Sheth’s Afreen which gets the show some serious points from me too. We’ve seen her hanging out at Team Tat HQ before but I think this is the first time Afreen’s had a name and a proper, meaty part in the plot and, in contrast to Quantico or Homeland or other procedurals which have introduced a hijab-wearing character, her religion or choice of headgear were neither mentioned nor relevant. I already loved this episode, but that just gave me another reason to be glad about it.

Blindspot s1 ep 17

Welcome to this week’s instalment of Patterson and Pushy (Deceased), as a plucky young FBI analyst and her not-so-dearly departed partner solve a fiendishly tricky little mystery, with a bit of help from…. yeah, no one.

It’s only in the final furlong, when the time comes to rescue Patterson from the ACTUAL SERIAL KILLER that her idiot boyfriend – continuing to be even more objectionable dead than he was alive – has practically gifted her to, that the rest of Team Tat manage to take a short break from fretting over their complicated love lives to go find their techie friend.

Up to then, this is one week where our intrepid band of field agents’ usual work/life balance has somewhat tipped the other way. Weller is having fun times (Weller! Having fun times!) with the Marshal, both x-rated and family-friendly, although an uncharitable person might point out it’s not long since Jane was the one sitting down to dinner with him en famille. Jane, meanwhile, is busy sharing takeout and bouts of athletic sex with Tree Tat Man while he continues trying to force her to cosy up to another man. (Pushy and Tree Tat Man should get together and write one of those horrific pick-up artist books: 101 Ways to Manipulate Your Women or some such.) And despite his best efforts to dump/ protect Sarah, Reade is still being threatened by some fool with a vocoder and a smartphone.

Team Tat’s preoccupation with their significant/ not-so-significant others therefore means cracking the Tat of the Week is left to Patterson and her ghost boyfriend/ manifestation of her sub-conscious, following a trail of clues left by this asshat, including a 100 year old automaton that he has re-programmed to STAB out the shape of a star system, because nothing says romance like an olde-worlde robot with a weapon.

Inexplicably, the otherwise terrifically bright, wonderful Patterson still can’t see the utter lack of respect this cut-price wannabe Svengali has/ had for her, her job and her personal safety – I say again, the trail leads to an ACTUAL SERIAL KILLER who will ACTUALLY SERIALLY KILL HER, you MORON – and finds him irresistible rather than unspeakable, meaning that, for perhaps the first time, the name “Blindspot” actually seems a propos.

Still, all is not lost. Ashley Johnson is such an engaging screen presence she makes the ep infinitely more entertaining than it should have been, and at least this “mission” gives Patterson a chance to finally work through her pain, even if breaking and entering and fighting off frostbite are all somewhat unconventional methods of grief counselling. And, in fairness to Pushy, he does have one shining moment of not-appallingness right at the end when he a) leaves forever (PLEASE GOD) and b) reminds Patterson that there’s someone else he’s/ she’s/ we’ve always liked: “that Borden guy.” SQUEEEEEEE!