Hawaii Five-0 s7 ep 12

We left off last week with the Five-0 in Mexico, and Chin in the hands of a drug cartel intent on executing him by throwing him to a pack of hungry dogs. Adam turns up to help, although – as he acknowledges – that puts him in breach of parole. I suppose if I were ex-Yakuza and just out of prison after pleading guilty to homicide I wouldn’t be quite so blasé about my situation, but that’s Adam the OG for you. Anyway, I was expecting an episode filled with a race against time to find Chin, but no: he’s rescued before the opening credits, and he’s back in Hawaii with his niece before the first ad break.

So we need a Case of the Week, and it arrives when car salesman Mitch Lawson is beaten to death. It looks impulsive rather than planned, so Lou – who has some experience in the area – goes undercover at Mitch’s workplace, a situation which could probably have been mined for more humour, although Chi McBride is excellent throughout. Anyway, the culprit is found; it was a consequence of an argument over a car that Mitch wanted to sell, but a colleague had already punted to someone else. Once again, though, this happens at an unexpectedly early stage in the episode, giving Lou time to observe that there must be something else going on. Why would Mitch get so agitated over the sale of a car? Unless… the car had something in it? Indeed it did: Mitch is discovered to have had ties to drug smugglers, so the car will have been brimming with heroin? But no; it was nothing to do with drugs, in fact, and so an episode which starts with Chin wearing a metal collar in Mexico ends up with a dirty bomb in motion on Oahu. Entertaining for sure, but it all felt a little like side 2 of Abbey Road: a few half-developed ideas edited together in the hope of coming up with something coherent. And H50 has been renewed for an eighth season. Mahalo.