Young James Herriot ep 1

Young James starts the series and his time at Glasgow Vet School by annoying the professors, losing his lodgings and entangling himself in the case of a sick horse and a poor wee boy and his dad. Along the way, he’s befriended by a feisty female student – all rebellious curls and women’s lib – and a highly irritating, mean-spirited posh boy who desperately needs several slaps in the face.

There’s nothing exciting about any of this; it’s all relatively inoffensive, pleasant enough fare, with some “ishoos” rammed in to try and give it a bit of edge.  Not all that successfully, it has to be said: it’s about as edgy as a giant bag of cotton wool. 

In fairness, the cast is great, the accents are credible and the whole thing is perfectly watchable, but why is it on 3 days in a row again?  It’s an undemanding way to pass an hour on a Sunday night, with a cup of tea or a basket of ironing, but I can’t imagine anyone sitting breathlessly on the edge of their sofa, desperate for the next instalment.  I’ll probably watch the remaining episodes, but I can’t see it being worth another review, so comments on the whole series are welcome on this thread instead.

Public Service Announcement 48 of 2011: Young James Herriot, Haven

Aw.  It’s cold out so time to warm the cockles of your hearts with a big old cup of nostalgia – BBC 1 is ready and willing to help out with Young James Herriot, a 3-part prequel to All Creatures Great and Small, looking at the legendary vet’s student days in Scotland. The Fades’ Iain de Caestecken stars so it should be worth a look at least.  Unhelpfully, it’s on at 9pm on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday this week so reviewing is going to be a challenge.  We’ll cover the first one at least and see how we go after that.

Syfy meanwhile is serving up a side order of yuletide cheer with Haven’s Christmas special at 9pm on Tuesday.  Season 2 was so entertaing that I’m actually quite excited about this, even though it’s a stand-alone with nothing to do with the ongoing story.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s ok: it has Audrey, Nathan and snow, so I’m there anyway.