Warehouse 13 s1 ep 1

We’re 0 for 2 on this week’s new stuff on Unpopcult, I’m afraid.  CJ’s delivered a smackdown to ‘Harper’s Island’, and now it’s the turn of ‘Warehouse 13’.

This feature-length pilot was split into two.  In the first part two Secret Service agents are more or less unwillingly recruited to work in the service of Warehouse 13, the great big Wal-Mart sized hangar where America stores paranormal artefacts.  The leads are resolutely uncharismatic; he’s freewheeling, she’s repressed, they bicker.  You know how this goes.  In addition, the whole thing had an oddly unconvincing, almost jejune air, as if those involved didn’t seriously think they would get to make a second episode, let alone the second season it’s now been recommissioned for.

Having done the meet-and-greet, in the second part we get to see Mr and Ms Bland in the field trying to recover a mysterious object.  I should, in fairness, concede that this was marginally better than the first part, but that’s like saying that a headache’s marginally better than a toothache.  Unless CJ wants to take this one on, Unpopcult’s out of here.