Timeless s2 ep 10

What an incredibly busy finale.

As we all suspected, SPOILER 1 is indeed a fully paid-up member of the Rittenhouse “family” and everyone is furious with Wyatt for not dishing the dirt on the Not Dead Brother in time to stop her. Everyone except Lucy that is, who is sympathetic and understanding to a point but also distraught and sore since Wyatt, who really could not have made more of a mess of this season, manages to accidentally punch her in the face while fighting with Flynn. Yeesh.

Left to her own devices, however, Jiya – who is something of an action hero this week, go Jiya! – proves by far the most level-headed of the bunch, extricating herself and the Lifeboat from Rittenhouse’s clutches tout de suite, but unfortunately ending up stuck in 1888 because of my-God-can-she-not-die-already Emma. This setback doesn’t even remotely phase Jiya, though; she manages to reunite Time Team and Lifeboat no problem, with strict instructions to just leave her out of the whole business. As if anybody’s going to listen to her. Oh dear.

Off we all go to 1888, then, where, well, stuff happens, and Emma does everyone a favour for once – ok, for twice, I haven’t forgotten the suffragette episode – by getting rid of SPOILER 2 and SPOILER 3, because she, like me, has had enough of the pair of them. Bye bye, murderous fascist nutbars! Please don’t come back if there’s a season three.

Rittenhouse’s change of management doesn’t signal much of a change in strategy, though, the main thrust of their plan still seeming to be “kill the main cast!” Unfortunately, the main cast can’t reciprocate. SPOILER 1 disabuses Wyatt of the notion that she’s some sort of victim, but keeps him (and everyone else who might be tempted) from killing her right back because she still says she’s carrying his kid and it now seems like it might be true. Which I HATE. And even though Emma actually does kill SPOILER 4 (this is getting a bit tricky) – which would seriously have SHOCKED me, if I hadn’t already been well and truly spoiled for most of this ep – Lucy can’t kill her because they need a villain in case season three turns out to be a go. Or because she runs out of bullets. You choose.

This is all quite frantic and distressing, and the scene where everyone returns to Time Base without SPOILER 4 and the truth dawns on Denise and Connor is properly sad. Poor SPOILER 4. Connor is kind of great this episode – he’s improved a lot this season – and his scene with Jiya afterwards is genuinely moving. Denise is quietly upset. And Lucy is shell-shocked, but still finds it in her to be kind to Wyatt who has finally realised what a prat he’s been since episode 4. Okay, she doesn’t say she loves him back, but she still does, right? SPOILER 1 said so. And I’m pretty sure Flynn – who comes pretty close to making a declaration to Lucy himself but ends up having to content himself with saving her from Emma and cradling her tenderly instead – knows it as well. *AND* it’s not Lucy and Flynn who show up together all badass and ready for it in that brilliant final scene, is it? SQUEE. And WHOA.

Which is where Timeless season two comes to a stop. No news about renewal as yet, and after the show’s resurrection from the dead last year, who knows whether it’ll happen or not. As a diehard Lyatteer, I’ve had my problems with how the show shook up the main team’s relationships this season – all right, I hated them bringing Jessica back, I hated them breaking Wyatt and Lucy up, and I hated Wyatt being a complete jerk to Lucy – but I have to admit that the rest of the cast got more of a chance to shine as a result, and they took it. Connor, Agent Christopher, and – through my gritted teeth – Flynn were all infinitely better-developed, and loads more fun to watch than they were last year, and Jiya really came into her own as well. As for Lucy, well her heart was broken by both Wyatt and her mother, but yay for her picking herself up and just getting more awesome as a result. I’d like to see more of all of them, and learn more history with the show but if we don’t get that chance, this ending – grief, hope, and a wildly cool new beginning – seems as good a place to leave it, before everything gets too complicated, as any. So goodbye and good luck, Timeless. See you if we see you.


Timeless s2 ep 9


In a rare instance of British tv’s delayed screening of an American tv show working out quite nicely, Jed and I each ended up watching this week’s Timeless on 2 June, the 155th anniversary of the Combahee River Raid which happens to be the subject of the episode itself. Which is a pretty cool coincidence. To my shame, I was only vaguely familiar with the name Harriet Tubman before, so once again thank you to Timeless for encouraging me and anyone else in the same boat to learn a bit more about an inspiring historical figure.

No thank you to Timeless, however, for what has happened to Wyatt this season. His behaviour is even worse this week although, in fairness, it’s easy to see where he’s coming from and why he’s behaving the way he is. When I think about it, I feel sorry for him too. I really do have to think about it too often though, because he’s being a proper asshat to just about everyone.

My sympathies for Flynn on that particular front are limited. He’s much more likeable this year and as Jed and Kay have both pointed out, he’s brought a fresh fun energy to the team – so much so that, in spite of myself, I like having him around now – but he can definitely stand to take a bit of the cold shoulder from “Captain Sunshine” and anybody else who remembers the things he did last season. After a year of being mortal enemies, it’d be bizarre if they were suddenly best buds so a bit of frostiness there is fine, I think, even if it has significantly more to do with jealousy as opposed to history than Wyatt cares to admit.

Wyatt’s attitude to Agent Christopher and Connor for giving voice and context to the suspicions he very clearly already has about Jessica, and to Lucy for basically everything is another matter, though – it sucks, and the only bearable thing about it is that it won’t suck for much longer. That impulsive, heartfelt hug Lucy gave him suggests that, like me, she hasn’t completely given up on her soldier yet, and I’m guessing that that cliffhanger (!) means we’re all going to be rewarded with an immediate and drastic change in Wyatt’s attitude next week. Which will not be a moment too soon, since a) it’s the season, possibly series, finale, and b) even I can only defend you so long, Wyatt, get a grip of yourself.

As far as this week goes, though, Wyatt’s current jerkishness doesn’t stop him (or at least Lucy, who is quietly awesome this week, doesn’t let it stop him) and the team from getting on with the mission: stop Rittenhouse from stopping Harriet Tubman and changing the course of the American Civil War. The stakes are high, Harriet is a “proper badass” and Lucy’s right: Rufus and Wyatt really do work well together. Their battle with the sleeper agent is ace. I’m not sure the more mystical theme of trying to link Harriet’s dreams and visions (albeit apparently the real Harriet did indeed have them) with Jiya’s works all that well, but both she and Jiya are great and, as well as Civil War history, we get some Mason Industries/ time machine history, so it’s all good. Wyatt sulking aside (handsome really is as handsome does, dude), I really enjoyed this.

Timeless s2 ep 8

A break from the Jessica/Wyatt/Lucy/Flynn love quadrangle is more than welcome this week. As Flynn teaches the boss a lesson or two back at base, Wyatt, Lucy, Rufus and Jiya head back to “The Day Reagan Was Shot” in 1981, thinking – as at least one viewer does – the obvious about what they need to do. It turns out that Rittenhouse chose that date for a very different reason, however, and the episode is much more interesting for it. As a shipping obsessive, I can’t quite believe I’m saying this, but splitting the fab four into non-romantic pairs helps focus everyone’s minds and the story as well, so while Wyatt and Rufus deal with the macho action and “interrogation” stuff (Wyatt looked far too comfortable rolling up his sleeves to get stuck in to that sleeper guy for my liking) it’s Lucy and Jiya, sorry, Cagney and Lacey, who do the real heavy lifting, in a deceptively simple but significant storyline that turns out to be unexpectedly moving and poignant. All that and everybody looking awesome in their 80s gear means this is great.

Timeless s2 ep 7


Two’s company, four’s a Time Team – for now, anyway – as Wyatt, Lucy, Rufus and Flynn (despite Wyatt’s dog-in-the-manger protests) head off to 1919 New York to try and save one iconic suffragette and end up getting to know another rather better. It’s a decent, interesting story but I’m not entirely sure the show does Mary Grace Quackenbos Humiston justice. Yes, she was nicknamed “Mrs Sherlock Holmes” and yes, her Patrick Jane-style sizing up of everyone she meets is impressive (albeit less surprising to the modern audience who’s seen quite a lot of this preternaturally-smart, solve-it-on-sight sleuthing template on tv over the last few decade or so). But the real Grace was absolutely amazing for a number of reasons and accomplishments, and it’s a shame the show couldn’t have given us more of a hint about them. On the other hand, though, the episode’s only 40-ish minutes, I hadn’t heard of her at all before, and it did prompt me to go look her up so maybe it didn’t do too badly on that front after all.

Setting the history aside however – which any actual historians watching must find incredibly difficult to do each week – what of the ep? The stakes are high, Flynn and the slightly over-confident Rufus – the moment when Flynn points out to him that just because he’s not going to die right now doesn’t mean his kneecaps won’t get blown out is hilarious – make a nicely knockabout team, and their brief alliance with REDACTED sort-of-makes-sense although I’m not sure it’ll be as one-off as everyone says. If Keynes has a problem with women’s rights, he’s going to have a problem with REDACTED’s pretty soon, no? Romance or no romance.

Post-romantic stress meanwhile (as identified immediately by Grace) is causing difficulties for Wyatt and Lucy, although significantly more for Lucy who, finally, thank goodness, stops being so gosh-darned polite about it and gives the big jerk a piece of her mind, even if her comments are significantly milder than mine might have (or already have) been. After the first couple of episodes of the season suggested he might be brighter than we thought, Wyatt’s treatment of Lucy post-Jessica’s return indicates he’s a complete idiot but I guess “I would really appreciate if if you would stop acting like you’re the one who got screwed” does get the necessary point across. Since Lucy and Flynn are just friends (for now) and (yay Connor!) it looks like the Jessica Problem might be about to take the turn we’ve all been waiting for, there’s still hope for Wyatt to redeem himself, though, so come on, dude. Get it together. Time’s-a-wastin’.

Timeless s2 ep 6

Having spent a big chunk of my Blindspot post yesterday saying that that show needs to keep making room for some of its recurring/newer characters and experimenting with changes to the format, because the core team/format is getting a bit stale, I’m now back to do my weekly plea to Timeless to stop making room for its recurring/newer characters and quit messing with the format because the core team/format was lovely and I miss it. Sigh.

Since the show’s determined to keep changing things up, however, this week’s away team is made up of Lucy, Rufus, Flynn as the muscle, and Connor Mason taking the inaugural trip in the Lifeboat’s new fourth seat, all heading off together to stop Rittenhouse from killing the legendary Robert Johnson aka the King of the Delta Blues, and effectively strangling rock’n’roll, the Civil Rights movement and the entire counter-culture at birth. Back in the present, meanwhile, Wyatt takes a break from rubbing Lucy’s face in his newly unwidowed status (Dude. Either move yourself and your wife’s love shack somewhere away from your ex-girlfriend/partner, or keep it the eff down), and heads off to destroy Rittenhouse at source, all on his lonesome. Spoiler – he doesn’t quite manage it, and that whole sub-plot just seems like busy work to keep him out of the way for a week.

The time team part of the ep is where it’s at, though. Connor’s not my favourite character, but his bond with Rufus has always been the best thing about him and the Johnson story’s a good, interesting one, using that bond and both those characters well, and weaving in some nice parallels with Johnson’s history too. And Paterson “Lando Calrissian” Joseph is clearly having a ball getting out of HQ and into some sepia-toned fun instead. Taylor Swift Lucy and Flynn work well enough together, too; she needs a friend considerate enough to have a clue about how awful she must be feeling (*side-eyes Rufus and Wyatt*) and whether I’ve forgiven him for his season 1 activities or not, Flynn seems to have more than a clue, so fine. Flynn the Friend it is. Something more? Well, we’ll see. I’m all about Lyatt all the time, as you know, but I have a feeling a healthy dose of jealousy right now for Mr Delta Force might be no bad thing.

Timeless s2 ep 5


Having briefly given unpopcult a taste of what we really wanted back in ep 3, Timeless now seems determined to shake things up by giving us what we, or at least I, really don’t: last week, Flynn took Wyatt’s place on the mission while Wyatt took leave of his senses, this week Jessica shoves her way into Rufus’s usual spot, so she, Lucy and Wyatt can do their best to track down the bewildered teenage John F Kennedy – running around modern San Francisco wondering what in the hell is happening to him – while simultaneously trying not to die of awkwardness and feelings. Oh God.

Jessica may be annoying but she’s not stupid. She can read the room as well as everyone else, which makes every scene she’s in with Lucy, whether Wyatt’s in it or not, doubly uncomfortable, and the moment where, the estranged Mrs Logan having decided enough is enough, glutton-for-punishment Dr Preston talks her back round again utterly exasperating. Young JFK and his friendship with Kayla are quite charming, the scenes where he finds out about the Kennedy Curse and where the Time Team talk to him about it before heads back on to the Lifeboat are poignant and sweet, and I’m relieved that Flynn’s sympathy is silent and practical as opposed to predatory (for now), but the rest of this, well done as it is, is frustrating as all get out.

Timeless s2 ep 4


Look, I understand no ship is ever going to get entirely plain sailing. And I liked Lucy’s scene in the jail with the accused women of Salem, her telling Carol to get knotted and her new “Sarah Connor”-style attitude to changing history. I may even have smiled at some of Rufus’s jokes. But other than that? NO.

NO to Wyatt’s wife coming back from the dead. NO to Wyatt not letting the woman move on with her life. NO to Lucy politely helping Wyatt break her own heart over the PHONE. NO to Flynn taking Wyatt’s place, duties and seatbelt privileges, even if Flynn is very handy with a musket. NO to Wyatt losing his mind and taking his back-from-the-dead wife to the top secret bunker to meet his very-much-alive partner/girlfriend. And while we’re at it, NO to Rufus blaming Jiya for her visions coming true. Really, really NO.