The X-Files s10 ep 1

imageYou GUYS.

I really hadn’t intended to write about this beyond yesterday’s PSA but I’m genuinely too excited not to.

Ok, so the dialogue was embarrassingly┬ábad and the story was the kind of deeply silly conspiracy hokum usually written in capital letters and exclamation marks in very dark corners of the Internet, but I genuinely don’t care. All I needed was Mulder and Scully together again and that’s what I got.

The easy, joyful chemistry between them in that scene where they met up again for the first time in so long had me bouncing with delight – gleeful and squeeful in equal measure – and even a script stuck halfway between knowing parody and ridiculous pretension couldn’t change that. I’d have liked this first ep to be better but I really don’t mind that it wasn’t. The X-Files is back and I am ecstatic.