Lost Girl s2 ep 6


(And FYI, writers – Bo having one love interest with a secret-girlfriend-of-yore I can swallow, but Bo having two love interests with a secret-girlfriend-of-yore is ridiculous.)

Lost Girl s2 ep 5

A crashingly dull waste of an episode as an old buddy of Dyson’s from mediaeval times turns up out of the blue, bringing with him a lot of pack story (in the form of tedious, bad-haired flashbacks) about when Dyson ran with the wolves as opposed to going lone.  Cue lots of enthusiastically drunken yelling and guffawing – of the sort that’s of no interest to anyone but the participants – and an embarrassment of unconvincingly begosh-and-begorra-type faux-Irish accents.  Oh dear.

I was mildly amused by the Mongolian Death Worm, mildly enraged by Lauren’s disingenuousness (Oh no, Bo, I didn’t want you to get involved and risk your life for me, that’s not why I turned up at your place all teary-eyed and terrified and “Oh, the Ash, I’m so scared”-ish at all, no no) and generally bored by the whole thing.  There were more interesting ways to introduce Dyson’s ex-crush if you really had to, show.

Lost Girl s2 ep 4

Apparently Dyson ditching Bo broke Kenzi’s heart too (I guess the writers finally remembered that Dyson and Kenzi used to be friends), and this week, Kenzi decided to punish him for it, unleashing the curse of’ a particularly nasty, girl-eating, witch on him.  Unfortunately, this witch was more “Hansel and Gretel meet Hannibal Lecter” than Thelma and Louise meet Anita Blake, so ladies, revenge is a dish that may violently (and fatally) disagree with you was this week’s lesson to be learned.

Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for it but, despite able assists from Hale and Trick, I don’t think the episode ever rose above passable.  Also, it probably wasn’t a good idea for me to ponder the misogynist basis for the legend of a witch who eats “bad young girls”, even if she did get beaten in the end.  Hm.  I should maybe just focus on the fact that Dyson took a break from his current bout of huffy mcjerkishness to be decent to Bo and Kenzi again, giving us another much-missed glimmer of the wolf we used to know and love.  Come back to us, Dyson.  Soon.

Lost Girl s2 ep 3

A bit cleverer than your average Lost Girl episode this, as Bo battled her inner demons and insecurities when targeted by a mare (of the evil night spirit rather than equine variety), and Kenzi enlisted the help of a marvellous Brownie and a frankly lovely Baku – this week’s myths and legends being brought to you by the letter B – to save her.

The subjects of Bo’s nightmares made a lot of sense, character-wise, as did the stuff of her really good dreams, and while I could have done without the Lauren and new Ash sub-plot (FYI, writers – I can always do without Lauren and new Ash sub-plots, thanks), they were still far less annoying than they could have been.  High praise indeed!

I was going to whine a little about the fact that the only Dyson we got was Fantasy Dyson, but then I remembered Fantasy Dyson was infinitely more fun than real Dyson’s been so far this season, so actually I’m good with that too, especially as liberal helpings of Trick helped sweeten the mix as well.  It didn’t rock my world, but it wasn’t a bad episode at all.

Lost Girl s2 ep 2

“Never underestimate the power of a desperate woman in love.”

That’s the theme of the week in a nutshell, as Bo tries to help a magic porcupine woman (seriously) re-connect with her lost love before said magic porcupine woman (no, really) is hunted down and killed as part of the selection process for the new Ash: the primary is a cocktail party where people use shiny coins to pick their candidates, the main election is a sub-Running Man-style hunt.  Insert your own topical jokes about Super-PACs and campaign trails here.

Against all the odds, both plotlines work pretty well and it’s all a lot more enjoyable than last week’s rubbishy opener, thanks (as usual) to the supporting cast.  Bo makes Hale stand in the election, ostensibly to help magic porcupine woman (no really, I am not kidding), although he has no role in the rescuing part of the plan whatsoever, but that’s good because it means more Hale.  Yay!  Any Kenzi time is of course time well-spent too, and also cool is visiting dignitary The Black Thorn and his sparring with Trick.  Both miles more interesting than the Ash ever was, or is likely to be given who won the election in the end but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Less cool is Bo, of course, busy projecting for all she’s worth and pulling out everything short of quills herself to try and hang onto Dyson, who – face set to sulk – is still being an ass rather than a wolf about the whole “my love for you is GONE” business.  Dude.  It’s not her fault.  She might be kind of desperate and daft this week, but it makes her a little less annoying than usual and I can’t really blame her for not understanding your problem when I can’t quite get my head around it myself.  So just stop being a big jerk about it, okay?


Lost Girl s2 ep 1

It’s all gone skew-iff in Lost Girl world: the Ash is in a coma, Dyson’s gone off-grid to lick his wounds and somebody’s trying to steal the Fae’s home out from under them.  That somebody being a weird bunch of nomadic circus folk who use flaying people and eating books as information-gathering techniques.  All the fun of the fair, eh?

Um, not quite.  While I enjoyed Hale getting more to do, and the wee harbinger of death girl was nice and scary, the episode as a whole was pretty underwhelming.  Fae politics are always a bit dull, Dyson’s moody introvert schtick is getting very old, and the writers are clearly going to use the break-up with Bo to shove Lauren even further down our throats despite her being less exciting than lettuce.  Doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season, does it?

Public Service Announcement 4 of 2012: Unforgettable, Lost Girl, The Good Wife

Another day, more stuff to watch.

Or not.  First up this week is Sky Living’s latest US import, the optimistically-named Unforgettable, which unfortunately sounds more Unmemorable than anything else.  Without a Trace veteran Poppy Montgomery plays a former/cop with a medical condition which means she can’t forget anything.  Except of course what happened on the day of her sister’s murder.  She rejoins the police to solve murders with her detective ex-boyfriend  and hey presto, there you have it: special central character haunted by long-term story arc solves cases of the week, with the help of less gifted sidekicks.  Revolutionary, eh?

In fairness, though, I haven’t actually seen an episode yet so what do I know?  If you want to give it a go, it’s on at 9pm tonight (Tuesday).

Another female with a special gift (albeit a more X-rated one), Lost Girl returns this week too: season 2 kicks off on Thursday at 9pm on Syfy.  Season 1 was reasonable entertainment, so I’ll keep reviewing it for now and I’m hoping the writers will step it up a gear since the characters have now had the chance to develop a bit.  Or really, I’m just hoping that there’s plenty more Kenzi, Trick and Dyson, and much less Bo.  A girl can dream, right?

Talking of dreams, the absolutely superb second season of The Good Wife – officially Unpopcult’s Best Drama of 2011 – ended with Will and Alicia making one of their (and thousands of shippers’) dreams a reality in quite spectacular style.  *Swoons.*  We’ve had to wait a bit longer than we would have liked for season 3 in the UK but it finally hits these shores at the same time as Lost Girl –  Thursday at 9pm on More 4.  I’m on reviewing duties, and as long as the show maintains last year’s frankly amazing standard (and as long as Will’s in it – *swoons again*), I think we can assume my take on it will be kind of breathless and excited.  Very excited.