Greek s1 ep 22

This slightly lacklustre season finale saw our fratboys and sorority girls off to Spring Break to “have fun perpetuating stereotypes of wasted, reckless youth.”  Apparently, “Spring Break is for being rowdy, not romantic” but this didn’t deter any of them from the usual relationship merry-go-round.  So Casey and Cappie shared a moment (or half an episode) before the unspeakable Rebecca ruined things yet again, Evan and Frannie continued to deserve each other, and Ashleigh ran about chasing another anonymous Handsome Guy (this week’s nickname was “The Hot Ness Monster” – heh) in a ditzy but entertaining fashion.  Plus ca change.

There was a definite end-of-term air to proceedings, though, with Evan finally moving on from Casey (for now – we’ve been here before, let’s not hold our breath), Calvin and Rusty making up, and Casey coming to terms with everything the season has thrown at her.  As usual, Dale had the best lines, but, despite being a little underwhelming, the episode as a whole was sweet and reasonably funny, much like the entire series.  No news as to whether it’ll ever be back on British screens, so, for now, bye, Cappie, Casey & co – it’s been fun.

Greek s1 ep 21

It’s the week before Spring Break and the Kappa Tau boys are trying out their new fake ID’s, Ashleigh’s trying out her new credit card, and Casey’s trying to get into law school.  So, this episode was all about pretending to be something you’re not.  Rusty gets surprisingly far passing himself off as a 24 year old singer songwriter, Ashleigh goes predictably far flashing her non-existent cash and Casey – well Casey’s finally pushed too far when she realises that Evan’s a jerk, and becoming a lawyer is his dream, not hers.  Some nice jokes, and some particularly choice lines from Dale on the question of fake ID’s – “I know that one sign of the end of times is Satan impersonating an Angel of Light.  Which do you want to be?  Satan or an Angel of Light?” – meant another pleasantly entertaining episode, but how many times have I said this now?  I think there comes a point when you’re done talking about a show, even if you do quite like it.  The next episode is the season finale and it’ll probably be my last Greek post as well.

Greek s1 ep 20

Bah.  Apart from a hilarious scene where Beaver pretended to be a girl so Rusty could practice dumping her, this was pretty rubbish.  Everybody was kind of annoying, Evan was a jerk (again) and will somebody kick Rebecca out of ZBZ already?  How many times does she get to break the rules and get away with it?  Poor.

Greek s1 ep 19

An episode all about fighting the power this week, with the ZBZ pledges in revolt, Cappie determined to overturn the Dean’s restrictions on frathouse life, and Dale trying to bring the whole Greek system down, one flyer at a time.  Apart from some amusing dialogue, though, it was all nice enough but nothing special.

Greek s1 ep 18

Look, this episode was a hoot, I admit that.  Lots of very funny stuff, and very entertaining.  I really enjoyed it, and I don’t want to come across as too negative about it, but there are two things that are really beginning to hamper my enjoyment of this show.  I may have mentioned them before, but, seriously, somebody needs to take the hint here, writers.  So listen up:-

No.1: – Every episode does not need to be about whether Evan and Casey should get back together/be friends/move on from each other.  Just pick one, dammit.  (And preferably the latter one.)

No.2:- Stop foisting Rebecca storylines on us. How many different ways can I say it?  SHE IS AWFUL.  Capiche?

Greek s1 ep 17

“Parents show up and everything goes nuts.”

My thanks to Casey for pretty much giving us the episode in a nutshell.  It’s freshman parents’ weekend.  Casey and Rusty worry about their mum and dad’s approval, reconciling their college selves with their home ones, and the whole “you’re the one they like, I’m the problem child” issue.  Repulsive Rebecca’s father turns out to be equally repellent and beautifully illustrates the meaning of the phrase “learned behaviour”.  And Dale realises that you can love your parents to bits without spending 24/7 with them. 

Nothing revolutionary about any of it, but funny, warm and a nice calming break from the vampires, mind-wipings, cylons and what-have-you getting me all worked up this week.  Now where did I put my glass of warm milk?

Greek s1 ep 16

This episode about Casey and Rusty trying to move on from past relationships was fine, and quite funny, but there’s one major problem – I’ve never been convinced that Casey had any deep feelings in the first place for Evan, so how can she “move on” when she was never really there in the first place?  Any fool can see she’s always been hung up on Cappie; just how many of “the one that got away” can one girl have? 

Still, who cares about my Casey quibbles when Dale was busy stealing the show with two fantastic throwaway lines.  His quick prayer for deliverance from an embarassing situation, “Please Lord, grant me invisibility”, had me in stitches, and as for the revelation that he was such a ladies’ man in high school that, for 3 years running, he was voted “most likely to have the opportunity to become impure but to have the supreme self-control not to…”  Heh.  Love it.

Greek s1 ep 15

Flashbacks can be a hit-and-miss storytelling device, but thanks to the charm of the participants and the intelligence of the plotting, this trip into Cappie and Casey’s history worked quite well, I thought.

Yes, the episode was short on jokes again, but it was still pretty entertaining, and pretty clever.  Mindful of the fact that “the past is a foreign country, they do things differently there”, we found out that, actually, way back in the day, Frannie and Evan used to be quite nice, and Cappie was kind of a jerk.  And despite the fact Frannie and Evan have spent most of the season so far being jerks, and Cappie has spent it being utterly lovely, their past selves still seemed to make complete sense, and fit in perfectly with their present ones.  Sort of reverse character development, if you like.  Weird.  But in a good way.

Greek s1 ep 14

The theme this week was enmity between former friends; when is it time to say enough’s enough, stop the fighting, and move on?

Cappie and Evan got everyone in Kappa Tau and Omega Chi involved in their war, Rusty and Calvin’s friendship was collateral damage in the conflict, and Casey had her own battle to think about when Frannie returned to ZBZ waving a white flag.

There was a fairly amusing sequence involving the Omega Chi’s raid on the Kappa Tau house, and the episode was pleasant enough to watch – thanks to the absence of the repugnant Rebecca – but the overall feel was more mildly entertaining soap than comedy.  Which would be fine, but Greek can do far better than this.

Greek s1 ep 13

The laughs were to be found with the supporting cast this week as Dale tried to “convert” Calvin “back to the warm embrace of heterosexuality” using a variety of techniques, including sharing feelings, looking at magazines and sniffing rotten bananas.  All this was deftly handled and very funny. 

Markedly less funny, however, was the dull and irritating Cappie/Rebecca/Casey love triangle, as Cappie and Rebecca went public with their relationship, sending Casey into meltdown and me into catatonia.  This storyline might have worked if Rebecca had a personality distinguishable from that of Dale’s rotten banana but she doesn’t, so it makes it absolutely impossible to wish anything for her but immediate disappearance from my screen.  Why then is she playing a bigger part in the show every week?  It’s a mystery. 

As is the question of where all the other pledges in Rusty’s fraternity suddenly appeared from.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before, and suddenly they’re the centre of Rusty’s sub-plot?  Hm.