Public Service Announcement 35 of 2010: Eastbound & Down, Raising Hope

A redneck double-bill. Eastbound & Down has just returned for the start of season 2. I didn’t like it enough to keep watching season 1, but plenty of people whose opinions you should trust over mine like it a lot. So there we go. FX, Thursdays, 10pm.

And starting this week on Sky 1, also on Thursdays at 10pm, is new American sitcom Raising Hope, about a family which has to bring up a baby after its serial-killer mother is executed. It’s exec produced by Greg Garcia, the man behind My Name Is Earl, which is good enough for me to give it a try: it’s had a decent critical reception and has now been picked up for a full season.

Eastbound & Down s1 ep 1

Difficult to say too much about comedies.  Either they’re funny or they aren’t.  ‘Eastbound & Down’ stars Danny McBride as washed-up mullet-sporting baseball pitcher Kevin Powers, forced to return to his old high school as a gym teacher.  It skewers a certain strain of redneckery more crudely, if less effectively, than ‘My Name Is Earl’.  But the writing is vigorous and vital; there are, one suspects, layers of subtlety to be unpacked; and it made me laugh from time to time.  I don’t know that I’ll have a lot more to say about it, but I reckon I’ll keep watching.