Case Histories ep 1

There really is a lot of crime drama on TV these days. 

Some of it’s good, some of it’s very good, and some of it’s not, but a huge amount of it is formulaic, falling within a set of well-worn Rules and parameters that most of us can spot a mile off.  So I wasn’t expecting anything very different from Case Histories; which is just as well, because I didn’t get it.

“Maverick” ex-cop-turned-PI Jackson Brodie is our “troubled” leading man with the compulsory terrible Pain and unsolved mystery hanging over him (the death of his sister as a child, in case you’re wondering) to worry about.  There are plenty of quirky, oddbod characters for him to interact with, and lots of women whom he may or may not sleep with.  And of course, there are a few mysteries which have bamboozled the mere mortals in the police force for him to sort out. 

I know I sound a bit harsh; in fairness, episode 1 was fine.  Well- acted, well-written, well-plotted – absolutely fine. But there’s just too much of this stuff around now and there was nothing surprising or exciting or even all that interesting here to latch onto and set Case Histories and its hero apart from the rest of the (enormous) pack.  Unless the next few episodes radically depart from the style of this one, this is just Sunday night comfort TV with an Edinburgh skyline, nothing more nothing less.  Which, I say again, is fine, but that’s about the best I can muster up in terms of enthusiasm.  I may keep watching, chiefly because my sister liked it a lot more than I did, but I’m not too bothered either way.  Regular reviews are unlikely.