The Good Doctor s3 ep 5

It’s Shaun’s turn to get his first lead case: Beth, a good-natured woman who requires apparently straightforward surgery for oesophageal cancer. Unsurprisingly, it becomes more complicated, and when Shaun’s patient communication skills aren’t quite up to the mark Beth requests that he be taken off the case. Lim – who hand-picked this case for Shaun, which troubles Andrews – intercedes and Shaun is reinstated, but when the surgery actually starts Shaun appears to be having a meltdown. Andrews and Lim eventually discern that Shaun has actually found a way of performing the surgery which will be better for the patient, but which is too complex for him to perform. Thus Beth’s life is improved, Shaun loses his lead surgery, and Andrews and Lim can debate whether Shaun is worth the trouble.

Meantime, Claire and Morgan are treating Curtis, an alcoholic who has been sober for six years, he says. He has all the symptoms of intoxication, though, and Claire doesn’t believe him. Even when Curtis’s wife says that she stands by her husband, Claire isn’t remotely convinced. We kind of know how this one’s going to go as well: sure enough, Curtis has a medical condition which is causing his intoxication. Of course, all of this business about refusing to believe an alcoholic is off the drink is bound up, so far as Claire is concerned, with her Coming To Terms with the Loss of her Mother, something about which I truly don’t care, because her mother was appalling. I really, really hope that this won’t go on for too much longer.

And Glassman’s new wife Debbie has a gun. Glassman is appalled; Debbie says it’s her thing and she’s not giving it up. Relationship counsellor Shaun prescribes second base to Glassman, this being an experience he’s presently enjoying with Carly. It works for Glassman. And, presumably, Debbie and Carly. It’s not The Good Doctor at its absolute best – the Cases of the Week are a little too predictable – but it’s perfectly fine.

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