Spiral (Engrenages) s7 eps 9 & 10


Encore une fois. Repetition is very much the theme of the week; if we hear the money laundering scheme explained once, we hear it explained trois or quatre times, which doesn’t help me much as I still don’t entirely follow it, but no matter. Laure, Gilou et al seem to understand it no problème, which apparently gives our two “heroes” carte blanche to do whatever they veux. “Our boss is dead!” says Laure, while beating up a witness/suspect, threatening him and stealing dirty money. “We’ll stop at nothing!” “Not like you stopped at anything when your boss was alive, either,” mutters at least one viewer.

But the back-to-being-lovers Laure et Gilou – Lilou? – are a law unto themselves, as the long-suffering, hitherto silent foot soldier Tom points out to the increasingly frustrated Ali, which is interesting because Tom hasn’t really ever been allowed a point of view on what it’s like working with these reprobates before. Perhaps un jour JP and Nico will get to chip in too. Quand même. The gruesome deuxsome go all out this week, with extortion, witness tampering, evidence tampering, possibly theft (depending on what they do with that argent), and potentially getting yet another homme killed with their incessant poking of the money-laundering network bear. I mean, things are not looking bien for Oury Mazouz, are they? The usual purported justifications apply: if Roban is taken off the investigation, we’ll never know who killed Herville; Homicide are too slow, we need to be back on the case; we have to do what we have to do…. to listen to them, it’s a wonder any crime gets solved in France at all, if the only people who can manage it are Laure, Gilou and their pet Juge. Meh. Beckriche and Szoicic are just the latest to believe the excuses. The rest of us, however, have heard it all many, many times before.

All bonnes (and not so bonnes) choses must come to an end, though: Lilou push Solignac too far, and Joséphine sets Internal Affairs on them. IA must be short-staffed since they put their suspects’ ex-ami Tintin Fromentin on the case – Tintin’s new boss seems very nice, but just acknowledging that it might not be the best idée for “Luc” to investigate his former buddies doesn’t actually remove the massive conflict of interest problème. Tintin does try to be as even-handed as possible to everyone, bless him, but new boss has the measure of Berthaud and Escoffier when he points out “these two played with fire and it’s blown up in their faces”, and we end up with the pair of them under arrest. Not before time, but if it sticks I’ll be astonished.

In other news, meanwhile, Joséphine is desperate to save Lola because Joséphine couldn’t save herself, if you know what I mean – the parallels between their stories are a little clunky, but well-acted, and the odd relationship with Edelman continues to intrigue. It looks like Cann is the network kingpin, although, like I said, I‘m not entirely following that part of it, so I could be way off. And Rayan seems to have turned a corner; his scene with Roban is warm, empathetic and far and away the best of the week – and probably would’ve helped solve the whole thing without the need for Laure et Gilou going all Bonnie et Clyde yet again but there we go. Encore une fois.

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