Public Service Announcement 54 of 2019: Instinct, Franco Building

I really wanted to like Instinct more than I do. I really, really, did. I even watched the first season all the way to the end. Unfortunately, this CIA-operative-turned-professor-turned-police-consultant procedural didn’t quite work for me, notwithstanding the presence of Alan Cumming in the lead role, and an interesting performance from Bojana Novakovic as the Beckett to his Castle. Even more unfortunately audiences seem to agree – this second season is also the last. A bit of a wasted opportunity (tonight, 9pm, Sky Witness).

More excitingly, though, tomorrow night BBC Four has Franco Building, a documentary about the architectural legacy of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, presented by the very great Jonathan Meades, a writer and film-maker of the highest calibre. This finally completes Meades’s remarkable quartet about Western Europe’s four most significant 20th century dictators: 1994’s Jerry Building (the architecture of the Third Reich); 2006’s Joe Building (ditto, but Stalin); and 2016’s astonishing Ben Building (Italian modernism during the Mussolini era). Some people don’t like Meades’s idiosyncratic presenting style, or his views on modernist architecture, but these people are idiots who shouldn’t be trusted. I fully expect this to be one of the television events of the year (Tuesday 27 August, 10pm, BBC Four). 


One thought on “Public Service Announcement 54 of 2019: Instinct, Franco Building

  1. Kay20 August 26, 2019 / 7:59 pm

    Agree on the wasted opportunity for Instinct. It grew into itself but still not great.

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