Private Eyes s3 ep 1

Today may be its somewhat flashier US cousin, but Canada Day was on Monday of this week, and in the UK it came bearing gifts: namely the new season of unpopcult’s beloved Private Eyes, back to make us feel a little brighter about the world for 40-ish minutes a week, thank GOD. Although even Private Eyes has its stresses. I mean, Angie starts off the season in prison, with a couple of con artists and a very tightly-wound federal agent keen to keep her there, but we know the visibly worried Shade isn’t going to stand for that (because he loves her). He mortgages his house to get her out (because he loves her), and with a little help from Maz, Zoe and a delightfully daytime soap-style fake-out towards the end (although it isn’t all fake, because, did I mention, he loves her), Everett and Shade Investigations are back together, the baddies are behind bars, and I genuinely feel better about life. What’s not to love? There’s shipping, squeeing, smiling and lovely characters being lovely, not only to each other, but to anyone they meet who needs it – what Angie did for Loretta, awwww! I’m delighted with all of it. Welcome back, Eyes, we’ve missed you.

One thought on “Private Eyes s3 ep 1

  1. Jed Bartlet July 7, 2019 / 6:00 pm

    Well, yes. Just lovely, and everyone looks as if they’re having a great time. (If this is not, in fact, the case – if the leads are about to go full Castle on each other – I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.)

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