Blindspot s4 ep 22

*Season finale SPOILERS*

Part 2 of the season finale and the gang are not in a great place – and I don’t mean Iceland, which looks glorious. Reade has found out about Kurt’s deal with Weitz, so it’s not just bad feeling that’s flying about, but a few fists as well. “Hey!” shouts Weitz. “Does someone want to explain to the FBI Director why his FBI team is fighting in an FBI locker room?” I would have added “During a crisis which could lead to global disaster if we don’t get our FBI asses in gear,” myself, but each to their own. Either way, the answer to his question, is non-committal, so back we go to trying to save the world instead.

The first of many obstacles to this, however, is that Kathy, now a fully paid-up member of Evil Madeline Inc, is apparently switching off North America’s lights – Rich’s “Oh, Canada!” made me laugh – from a secret baddie lair under the Perlan Museum in Iceland. Weitz won’t officially authorise the trip to go stop her because there have been just a few too many dead bodies as a result of previous Team Tat missions and Jane’s “OK, well what if we promise you zero body count this time?” really isn’t enough to convince him. (Weitz’s “That’s expected all the time!”, accompanied by his delightfully incredulous expression made me laugh again.) The world still has to be saved though, so Original Team Tat head off on their “unsanctioned” Icelandic excursion, while most recent signing Rich stays behind to try and crack Evil Madeline Inc’s masterplan.

While Team Tat are busy truth-bombing their way through their “tension-filled flight to Iceland” – don’t think I didn’t notice you standing up for the absent Rich, Patterson, SQUEE! – however, Evil Madeline Inc somehow manages to take over the FBI in the most annoying fashion possible. It involves a lot of speechifying, and lying, but it’s the speechifying that is insufferable. Shut. UP. Madeline. Even Weitz thinks it’s ridiculous, but resistance ultimately proves futile, so he sort of plays along and the press conference thing he does is BAD, but in fairness he also tries to help Rich a bit and – SPOILER – I’m pretty sure he saves the rest of Team Tat’s lives at the end, so as Team Tat bosses go, he’s really not that bad. And he’s funny. *Shrugs*

Anyway, Evil Madeline Inc’s Big Idea turns out to be framing Team Tat and destroying the FBI from within for reasons which become increasingly demented and shouty as the episode goes on. Shut. UP. Madeline. Because Team Tat are heroes, dammit – or really because Jane insisted it was the right thing to do, how’s that for “not an FBI agent,” huh, Reade? – they carry right on world-saving, though, undeterred by the fact they are now the subjects of an international arrest operation authorised by no less exciting a personage than “the Icelandic Minister” – albeit the Icelandic Minister of what is never explained. In fact, the whole manhunt thing turns out to be something of a bonus, morale-wise, since there’s nothing like a worldwide frame-up to bring Team Tat closer together again. Although it does take jumping out of a plane together to do it. I say again, Iceland looks GLORIOUS.

With a little help from Rich’s friend Ice Cream and a delightfully silly fake hostage situation then, – I mean, I’m sure it’s awful for the unwittingly fake hostages, but the Wellers are having such a good time with it, Kurt even winks! – the lights are back on across the world, Team Tat are on the run but loving life in a charming Icelandic safe house all compromised friends again, and we’re on the cusp of finding out the greatest mystery of all: what IS Patterson’s first name?

Except that Nash and Evil Madeline Inc have our beloved Rich locked up on a very sinister-sounding “boat”, and then they DRONE the living daylights out of the Icelandic safe house and maybe out of Team Tat! Which would make the next, final season both very depressing and considerably cheaper to make, but I don’t think we should worry unduly. There are tunnels, y’know. TUNNELS. Team Tat will be fine, I suspect, and hopefully the final season will see them bring down Evil Madeline Inc, rescue Rich and, IF THEY CARE ABOUT ME AT ALL, give us lots more PatDotcom and a lot less wittering on about Bethany. Apart from any time Madeline showed up, this was a fun finale for an ok season – there were some good episodes, some terrific ones, and some really best forgotten, but that’s what happens with a twenty-odd episode procedural season. Blindspot’s unabashed commitment to the utterly bonkers throughout continues to be admirable though, as does its increasingly healthy sense of humour. The less seriously it takes itself any given week, the better it is, so here’s hoping the final, shortened season means cutting out all the angst/filler, and focusing on the fun stuff. Either way, unpopcult has come this far. We’re with Patterson, Rich and the rest of Team Tat till “the bitter end” as well.

One thought on “Blindspot s4 ep 22

  1. Jed Bartlet June 28, 2019 / 4:51 pm

    First things first: I was TREMENDOUSLY excited when I realised that this episode was partly set in Iceland, because I was actually there only a few weeks ago. I even visited the Perlan, although it does not advertise the fact that it has a large-scale dark web cryptocurrency operation in its basement (or whatever, and wherever, it was).

    Anyway, I thought this was a strong episode: I particularly liked the way in which the team slowly realised that, objectively, their behaviour has been pretty bad, then turning on each other. Good stuff. I will definitely be back for the final season.

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