Hawaii Five-0 s9 ep 25

Season finale time, and it’s a cleverly-constructed episode which draws together quite a few of the show’s ongoing plots. H50 isn’t always the best at multi-episode arcs, but I think it gets it just about right here. 

Anyway, star attraction is still psycho-nerd Aaron Wright, now at large and with NSA cyber-weapons for sale. Junior’s father has gone missing after his daughter’s killer was released on parole, following Joons’s intervention at the hearing last week. Adam is sleeping over – platonically, everyone, platonically – at the house of old friend Tamiko, who was left at the altar a few weeks ago by her undercover FBI agent boyfriend. And the wife of Omar Hassan, the man responsible for the death of Joe White, wants to visit Steve, with her young son, in order to sort out their differences and apologise. This doesn’t raise any red flags. Not a one.

It all shakes out pretty well, and – given that H50 is generally all about the action – with a few possible romances as well. Wright, finally cornered, engineers a false alert of a missile attack – not the first time that’s happened on Oahu – in order to sow confusion, but is eventually captured. His parting shot is a boast that he’ll probably be freed again because the CIA needs his skills. I wouldn’t put that past the writers. Adam visits Tamiko, having told her that he’s ready to “move on”.  Whether he “moves on” Tamiko we don’t yet know, because the door closes on the viewers, leaving ex-Yakuza Adam in the company of his possible new love interest, the daughter of a Yakuza oyabun. Way to leave that old life behind, Adam. Junior, disowned by his father and a little bit emotional, drops in on Tami. The door closes on that one as well. Even Danny seems to be getting closer to Rachel again, which Steve seems to be a bit sniffy about. Wonder why? 

And in the final scene, at Five-0 HQ, the Widow Hassan pulls out a gun and shoots… someone. Not Danny. Maybe Steve. Possibly her son. But probably Jerry. I’m slightly concerned that, as far as I can tell, there’s no word on whether Jorge Garcia is returning for season 10. Because at the moment this show, I’d say, is working very well. It now seems odd that it was on the bubble a few seasons ago: with ratings holding up nicely, and the new cast members all properly integrated, H50 now feels kind of indestructible; assuming, that is, Alex O’Loughlin stays interested, and it doesn’t get too expensive to make.




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