Hawaii Five-0 s9 ep 24

Tani’s at home, minding her own business – all right, offering moral support via the phone to Junior, for reasons to which we’ll come back – when all of a sudden there’s a man pointing a gun at her. And the man is our old friend Aaron Wright, last seen killing H50’s go-to hacker friend Toast and disappearing into the wind. This time, though, Aaron wants the Five-0’s help: in return for immunity, he’s been working for the NSA in a covert black ops site on Oahu, from which he’s been waging cyber warfare on America’s enemies. Unfortunately some baddies came in that morning and killed four of his colleagues; he and the branch chief (Senator Morejon from Madam Secretary) are the only survivors, and the chief might well be up to no good himself. So can they protect him, please?

Well. The Five-0 is, of course, enormously sanctimonious about this… this criminal helping the forces of law and order. (Double killer and “former” Yakuza member Adam is actually in the room, but that doesn’t stop anyone, of course. Yes, I realise I’m the only person who cares.) But Aaron’s story all checks out, so what are you going to do? Jerry punches him for killing his friend, but the rest of the Five-0 decides that pragmatism is in order, and work with him. It turns out that a gang of Euro-assassins is behind the hit, and that it has to do with blackmail and killer anaesthesia machines rather than national security. With Aaron still a target, Steve decides to use Junior and Tani as bait for the shooters (“Like gazelles at a watering-hole…”, muses Tani poetically) while Jerry and Aaron team up to bring down Big Anaesthesia. This story, however, isn’t over.

Meantime, and against my expectations, both of the subplots land. Lou’s outstandingly annoying brother Percy, who really shouldn’t have escaped with his life from his first appearance, is whining because someone seems to have stolen his kouign-amann recipe. Is this really a matter for the Five-0? Well, Lou intervenes, and much to everyone’s surprise – including mine – the trail leads to an act of industrial espionage carried out by a generously-built Hawaiian gentleman already familiar to the viewers. It seemed to me at least that Lou and Percy were very ready to accept his explanation, perhaps unreasonably so. 

And Tani accompanies Junior to the parole hearing of the man who knocked down and killed his sister. H50’s approach to issues of crime and punishment is generally somewhat Old Testamentary, so I really wasn’t prepared for Junior deciding that, rather than demanding that the parole application be refused, a bit of forgiveness might be in order. Outstanding.

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