Hawaii Five-0 s9 ep 23

A cleverly-structured episode, written – as the best ones often are – by Zoe Robyn, starts with some #bantz about Junior accompanying Tani to a wedding as her plus-one, an arrangement which they both maintain is strictly platonic. Interestingly, as in later episodes of The Mentalist, it seems that the other characters are shipping them, which might at least mean that we’ll be spared a tiresome don’t-let-the-Job-find-out storyline if and when they get together.

More of that later, including The Wedding itself. For now, though, we have a homicide. Ride-share driver Sam Pukahi is abducted at knifepoint by passenger Carter Hill. So when Pukahi’s vehicle turns up with his corpse in it, we immediately assume Hill to be the perp. Not so; Hill is in the boot, also dead, and a quick investigation reveals him to be a boring marketing executive from New Jersey in town for a convention. So who killed them both, and why? The answer will lead to poor Junior having to scramble down a cliff to rescue someone, watched by Tani, who might just about be starting to realise that she likes him.

And, answering the request of no-one anywhere, Steve’s dumbo sister Mary is back, staying in an Airbnb (it’s a good week for the gig economy on H50), and highly suspicious of her neighbour Ben Miller, who she believes, on fairly scant evidence, to be running a meth lab. Since Mary is an idiot, no-one takes her seriously, until… she’s proved right. Her neighbour is, indeed, running a meth lab. I for one am in no way surprised that Mary would know exactly what to look for.

Finally, then, to The Wedding itself! They both look hot, of course, but The Moment arrives when one of Tani’s girlfriends enquires about whether Junior is single, and Tani is strangely reluctant to answer. To the sound of pennies dropping they slow-dance to an acoustic cover of Only You – a song which is a signifier of workplace hookups ever since the closing scenes of The Office (UK version) – and come about as close to kissing as you can without actually kissing. Next week, presumably, or maybe the season finale. Best episode for weeks.

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