Hawaii Five-0 s9 ep 22

Another slightly odd one, with members of the ensemble cast given quite a lot of prominence. I’m guessing that Alex and Scott were having some downtime. Noelani gets the A-plot this week. Her mentor, Dr Chu, has been kidnapped, and is being required to carry out heart surgery on a baddie. Noelani’s role is to procure a heart valve from the morgue, then assist with the surgery. Unfortunately the valve she obtains is no good. Not a problem, says Baddie #1, shooting Baddie #2: “there’s your fresh valve”. The resourceful Noelani manages to disarm her captors and makes a run for it, only to discover that Dr Chu is… well, let’s just say that her position is more nuanced than it originally appeared to be.

Meantime, Adam is visited by a woman in a wedding dress. It’s his old friend Tamiko, whose fiancé appears to have left her at the altar. The matter is somewhat complicated by the fact that the missing man was an undercover FBI agent, who was investigating Tamiko’s father’s “business”: that being, of course, Yakuza business. Well, this sort of thing is meat and drink to Adam, of course, given what I suppose I must still call his “past”. But Mr Yakuza isn’t fooled: “One day”, he tells Adam, “you will accept who you are”. Adam doesn’t demur. Will the writers go there in season 10? I hope they do.

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