The Good Fight s3 ep 8

An episode steeped in classic Good Wife/Fight themes and dilemmas this week as the excellent case of the week pits the firm and long-term clients Chumhum against old frenemies Solomon Waltzer (hi Alan Alda!) and “motherless chi-i-ld” Felix Staples, with free speech vs hate speech, Sillicon Valley’s profits vs its morals and, spectacularly ironically, a short we don’t see because it’s censored by CBS. Turns out Silicon Valley companies aren’t the only ones who don’t want to upset the Chinese government.

The case of the week isn’t the only one going all meta on us, either: Lucca and Gary Carr’s romance continues, making some sort of point about (TV) life imitating (TV) art (I think), and it’s all very clever and mildly amusing but I still feel like I’m missing something. Maybe I’m just overthinking it. Points off for shoehorning in a monologue, however, even if it’s significantly less jarring than the ones we’ve had before as Cush Jumbo plays it less as directed to camera and more as directed to herself.

Amongst a crowded field of Good actors at the top of their respective games, though, this week’s MVPs are Gary Cole and his moustache as Kurt (who, delightfully, seems to work in a 70s spy thriller) accidentally intercepts an ominous warning meant for Diane and sets about solving a mystery and saving his wife, with the help of an unexpected ally – I was so impressed with the twist, I almost clapped my hands when I realised who it was. No Blum, no Maia, two terrific stories and a third that’s not too bad at all: job’s a good’un.

One thought on “The Good Fight s3 ep 8

  1. Jed Bartlet May 27, 2019 / 5:59 pm

    Finding it hard to disagree, or to add anything. The monologue worked as it was more of a soliloquy than a self-conscious breaking of the fourth wall; Felix Staples is great (well, monstrous, but a great character); Alan Alda is NEVER less than the BEST; and the Diane/Kurt/REDACTED plot was beautifully engineered.

    Extra bonus points for the new (I think?) character of Sheryl; immediately deducted for the Lucca/Gary relationship, which more and more looks like someone winning a bet in the writers’ room, or something.

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