The Good Fight s3 ep 6


Blum is camped out at Reddick Boseman, ingratiating himself with Adrian and Julius, and even getting under Marissa’s skin, much to the frustration of Diane, Liz and yours truly. Lemond Bishop drops in to raise my hopes that we might be going back to some Good lawyering, only to dash them again by giving the show more excuses to keep Blum around. (Mike Colter’s Lemond is terrific, do something non-Blum-related with him please.) And Lucca is consulted in the most bizarre, roundabout way about a potential celebrity divorce. Whose? Jay thinks it’s REDACTED and REDACTED, but turns out it’s actually EVEN MORE REDACTED and REDACTED. Or maybe it isn’t. I think by the end of the episode we’re to understand that EVEN MORE REDACTED is a fake, but by then I just wanted it over with.

The initial stuff with Wade V and Zelda Raye, the hatbox of phones, everyone’s excitement that it might be the people it turned out not to be – all that’s fun, and Cush Jumbo battles valiantly to try and keep the rest of it on the right side of strange. Unfortunately, though, she’s saddled with a storyline that’s just a bit too weird and arch to work. Also, I’m no fan of the individual portrayed, but the “short” of the week is just obnoxious too. So it’s an episode best forgotten as far as I’m concerned. And everybody can just knock it off with the talking to camera, just STOP.

One thought on “The Good Fight s3 ep 6

  1. Jed Bartlet May 8, 2019 / 10:55 pm

    OK Good Fight, I hear you. The only way to respond to the madness of the Trump years is with a show like this. I’ve got the point. Now KNOCK IT THE EFF OFF.

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