Blindspot s4 ep 18


Genetically modified killer bees carrying a deadly toxin are killing people by way of poisoned melons, and Bill Nye the Science Guy might be the secret villain behind it. No, really. We’ve always said that a big part of why we love this show is its unapologetic ridiculousness, and this week’s jaunty nonsense is a worthy addition to the Big Book o’Bonkers that passes for plots on Blindspot. Sure, “What’s Her Name” is still being a Debbie Downer (although that scene at the end where she falls asleep after Reade tucks her in is very sweet), but everyone else is having a happily wacky time investigating whether Patterson’s Dad/ Kurt’s greatest hero really is the kind of “Science Guy by day, Poison Guy by night” who would deliberately develop cantaloupe as a murder weapon. After all, you would think Rich really would know a secret bad guy when he sees one.

There might well be something more than just tetrodotoxin in the air, meanwhile, as we somehow find out that Teen Remi loved toucans and wrote Goth poetry (WTF?), Bill Nye is a PATDOTCOM shipper (OMG finally – SQUEEEEE!) and Kurt’s mum might have been a Sandstorm informant (EH?). Throw in some ridiculous bee puns, Weller’s fanboy grin, Patterson being jealous over birthday lasagne and a frankly terrific move when Jane runs, jumps and apologetically locks the hapless culprit in a van with a swarm of angry buzz-killers (sorry), and I’m more than happy enough. It’s not the greatest Blindspot ever, but it’s good fun.

One thought on “Blindspot s4 ep 18

  1. Jed Bartlet May 6, 2019 / 12:50 pm

    Absolute nonsense, but knowing nonsense – the second after my jaw dropped at the most ridiculous line (Reade: “We have to find Nick and stop him before these poisonous bees exchange hands”), the writers acknowledged it (“Wow, that is a crazy sentence”). I enjoyed it.

    But WHAT are the writers playing at with #PatDotCom? They KNOW we want it.

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