The Good Fight s3 ep 3

Another week with two thirds of a great episode and one third of an awful one. Storyline of the week belongs to Liz, Adrian and Lucca, with Jay on supporting duties, as Reddick asking for a divorce leads to a hilariously mortifying discussion with Boseman as her alleged paramour and Lucca as her attorney who would rather be literally anywhere else on the planet than in that moment, followed by an equally awkward court hearing. All that is terrific.

The little sub-plot with Marissa and wannabe Judge Julius is entertaining enough as well, although it’s early days for it yet. Diane, however, is out on her own again, fighting for democracy, which is all very well, and somebody absolutely has to do it, but remember when she had clients? And billable hours? I miss Diane’s lawyering! Still, her new group (including a woman who doesn’t speak but looks and dresses so much like Alicia Florrick it has to be intentional, and is particularly intriguing given this) has a decent, amusing first outing and it gives us the “Russian Troll Farm” song, which is fantastic, and the return of the NSA guys which is worrying – I am terrified for Jay and his precarious immigration status – but still welcome, because any time spent with those guys and the #Resistance is time not spent with Roland Bloody Blum. He is still the worst, and the only scenes of his which are remotely bearable this week are, strikingly, when he’s with Diane because she’s almost completely ignoring him. There’s a lesson in there about neutralising self-aggrandising blowhards and liars by not giving them the attention they seek, if any media outlets in the US, UK or indeed anywhere else care to learn it, but I suspect they won’t.

One thought on “The Good Fight s3 ep 3

  1. Jed Bartlet April 24, 2019 / 7:13 pm

    Enough of Blum, the shorts, and the characters singing to camera. Yes to the NSA guys and to Marissa the consultant.

    Half a good episode: I’m not convinced by Diane and the Resistance yet.

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