Public Service Announcement 25 of 2019: Game of Thrones

If, like tens of millions of people all over the world, you’ve been waiting TWENTY months for Game of Thrones swansong, chances are that, unless you’ve been in an internet-free, lead-lined box for the past month, you really don’t need me to tell you the second half of season seven is finally here. But let’s just run through it once more for old times’ sake. Yes, Winter has arrived at last: UK fans can watch the global simulcast of episode 8 at 2AM on Monday morning on Sky Atlantic, with catch-up available on Sky Go thereafter and the usual 9pm repeat too, for anyone feeling a bit more traditional. YES.

What else is there to say just now? I’ll be doing my usual weekly reviews so I’m going to save most of my chat for them but, meantime, let me just indulge in some wholly uninformed, spoiler-free speculation, based on nothing but internet theories I like, my own opinions and my virulent dislike of Daenerys, Mother of Dragons, Queen of Doing My Head In. Jon Snow is GOT’s answer to Captain America, and I’m pretty sure they’re both going to die. Daenerys is turning into the tyrant her father was, and she’s going to die too. (Hopefully.) Cersei: going to die. Jaime:…. you know what? Let’s save some time and go with “most of the cast is going to die.” And if there’s still an Iron Throne left standing at the end, I’d like to think Sansa and Tyrion will end up in power, whether Sansa’s Queen in her own right and he’s her Hand, or Sansa’s Regent for Jon and Dany’s kid. Will I be right? About most of the cast dying, probably. The rest? Not much longer till we find out!


One thought on “Public Service Announcement 25 of 2019: Game of Thrones

  1. CJ Cregg April 15, 2019 / 11:26 pm

    Huh. I could have sworn that they had previously said they were splitting season 7 into two parts, hence why I referred to this new run as the second half. But apparently everyone including HBO is calling it season 8, so either I imagined the old plan or they changed their minds. *Shrugs*

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