Hawaii Five-0 s9 ep 15

International criminal/drug cartel head Alejandro Vega, off of the FBI’s Most Wanted List, surrenders to the HPD. He’s so evil he’s known as El Diablo. Jerry fanboys a bit about how he’s done a deal with the Devil, or something. El Diablo, I mean. Not Jerry.

Three days later, there’s a hurricane coming, which the Five-0 deal with in a variety of ways. Junior and Tani, the new guys, get sent out onto the streets to round up anyone ignoring the evacuation orders. Danny plays mummies and daddies with Rachel. And Steve, Grover, Adam, and Jerry are at HQ, where they suddenly have to deal with a Diablo-related request.

You see, the hurricane has halted El D’s transfer to the least pleasant supermax prison on the mainland. HPD’s safe house is in the evacuation zone. And El Diablo has escaped from custody four times before. So where can he be stashed until the storm blows over? Well, in the Five-0’s rendition facility, that’s where. I didn’t even know that they had a rendition facility, but it just turns out to be the place – the Blue Room – where they carry out their interrogations. Steve has a little skin in the game, because one of his friends was, of course, killed by El Diablo. Of course.

But then someone gets behind the security cordon at HQ and kills a couple of redshirts. Understandably the Five-0 think the intruder is coming to break El Diablo out. But hold on, I was thinking – didn’t he just surrender? If you did that just so you could break out, mind you, that would be badass. Not so, though; the stranger wants to kill El D, for reasons which are revealed fairly swiftly. So now Steve needs to protect the world’s most wanted etc. There is a very good fistfight. And meantime Tani has found herself being held hostage by a family which really doesn’t want to evacuate. There is a very good shootout, involving the contents of a fridge. It is, in fact, a good episode, with a nice little premise on which the show largely delivers. (And El Diablo does, at the end, try to escape. Respect.)


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