Public Service Announcement 22 of 2019: Project Blue Book, The Good Fight

I’d never heard of it before but, according to Wikipedia, the original Project Blue Book was apparently a sort of real-life, mid-20th century X-Files: a secret US Air Force programme investigating UFOs and such. It sounds like ripe material for tv of some sort but, despite the cast including Aidan Gillen and Neal McDonough, the ten-part drama series of the same name about the project hasn’t quite set the heather alight, with reviews which can, for the most part, be described as “mixed and average”. If you want to give it a chance and find out for yourself, though, it starts its UK run on Syfy tonight (Wednesday) at 9pm.

Unpopcult is significantly more enthusiastic however about the return of our reigning Best Show winner The Good Fight to UK screens tomorrow night on More 4 at 9pm. Having followed up a stellar first season with an even more spectacular second one last year, expectations are high for season 3 and unpopcult is ON BOARD, with weekly reviews as soon as we can write’em. We love this show SO much.


One thought on “Public Service Announcement 22 of 2019: Project Blue Book, The Good Fight

  1. Traxy March 27, 2019 / 6:05 pm

    I was interested in it as, avid X-phile since the 90s, I know about Project Blue Book. But even if I wasn’t overly enthusiastic based on premise alone, you just said Neal McDonough so that’s me sold!

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