The Good Doctor s2 ep 17

Two Cases this week, in a fantastic episode. Kenny has a 200lb tumour – props to the production design team for this one, although I’d be at least as happy if we’d been left to imagine it, tbh – which is to be removed by a Melendez-led surgical team. And Laura, an old friend of Lim’s, is in with her newborn daughter, who has brain injury symptoms consistent with being shaken. Lim follows the scientific evidence to its logical conclusion, while Laura continues to insist that no-one has been abusing her baby.

And Shaun is still marooned in pathology, still very unhappy about it – despite the support of the ever-perky Carly – and still hoping to persuade Han that he should be allowed back in. His ongoing problem is that Han is unpersuadable, no matter what he does. In fact, not content this week with just one spectacular save, Shaun comes up with two. The surgery on Kenny goes badly wrong. Melendez, who knows Shaun’s talent for three-dimensional thinking, calls him in for a consult on Kenny, and Shaun provides a solution which will allow for both the removal of the tumour and the survival of the patient. 

Meantime, he also comes up with another interpretation of Laura’s baby’s injuries, one which would mean that Laura didn’t abuse her daughter, and which proves to be consistent with the medical evidence. Laura is understandably unhappy that her friend thought her capable of assaulting her baby, but nonetheless perhaps a little ad hominem about it. “You don’t understand love”, she tells Lim; who, in response, persuades Melendez that the two of them should be open about their relationship.

For Shaun, it’s all further proof that he should be back in surgery, and he corners Han in his office, saying that he’ll refuse to leave unless Han gives him his old job back. “I am a surgeon!” he shouts over and over; once again, in Han’s eyes, proving his point, and ending – I think – in Shaun’s dismissal. I worry that the upshot of all of this, in the season finale, will be that Han will leave and Shaun will stay. I’d quite like Han to hang around; the scene this week in which he proves himself quite the master of hospital realpolitik with the tribunal investigating Shaun, Melendez, and Lim, was a delight. But I suspect that there’s only room for one of them at San Jose St Bonaventure. And Glassman finally gets the all-clear, which with any luck will mean that he can get a proper storyline again.


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