Public Service Announcement 19 of 2019: Proven Innocent

I know it’s grossly unfair to judge it on the trailer alone, but Proven Innocent looks pretty terrible. A new US drama about a law firm which fights to overturn unlawful convictions, led by a woman whose not-so-Secret Pain is that she too was wrongfully convicted, it all sounds well-meaning enough but the gleefully nasty DA/ bogeyman and very high quota of potboiler-ish posturing in the promo suggests this show is more likely to be a one-note, cheesy melodrama than a nuanced examination of the US legal system. And the unenthusiastic critical reception isn’t making it sound any better. Having said that, though, if the trailer is indeed anything to go by, there’s every possibility the show might be blandly entertaining in a pulpy, supermarket-own-brand Law and Order-kind of way, so it might be more fun if you’re in the mood for it. I’m not, but any Kelsey “Used to be Frasier, now a self-appointed authority on Brexit (WTF?)” Grammer completists interested in checking it out can find it at 9pm on Universal tonight (Monday).


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