Hawaii Five-0 s9 ep 9

Urban vigilante Gene Wahale, who styles himself ‘The Night Sentinel’, takes down a drug dealer, all the while filming his heroics for his YouTube channel. Unfortunately, he is then killed. Perhaps by one of the 37 people he had subjected to a citizens’ arrest? Nope, nor at the hand of his younger rival in vigilanteism, ‘Guardian’.

At this point, one viewer at least was wondering whether the death of one of these idiots was an entirely bad thing; a view, perhaps, tacitly shared by Lieutenant Daniel Williams. “Something’s wrong with you”, he observes, if you want to “put on tights and fight crime”. This leads to an impassioned debate with Steve about superheroes, during which Danny is very much on the side of comic book characters with superhuman powers, as opposed to Batman who “inherit(ed) money and bought a bunch of Batmobiles”.

When their investigation brings them into contact with Honolulu’s comic book community, I feared the worst. However, against my expectations the episode turned out to be ridiculous but goofy fun, and I enjoyed it a lot. I still think ‘Guardian’ needs to get laid stat, mind you.

And meantime, another long-running plot arc is brought to the most abrupt of ends, when Yakuza banker Kimura is dragged before a room full of oyubun; it was he who organised the hit on Noriko and then tried to frame Adam. In recognition of his long service, Kimura is offered “Yakuza justice or Five-0 justice”, and when he opts for the latter – and who can blame him? – Adam steps out of the shadows to effect the arrest. Once again working with the Yakuza, Adam?


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