Blindspot s4 ep 9


Blindspot returns this week, with a very high concept but sadly fairly low entertainment value episode set mostly inside Jane’s head. (Once she and Kurt have given each other a really brutal beat-down, that is.) Only just surviving the fight, he manages to dose her with the magic blah formula so Patterson, Rich and Dr Agent Whose Name I’ve Forgotten can administer the magic blah brain treatment which might kill her or destroy her higher cognitive functions, but seems unlikely to do either since this is a network procedural and she’s the female lead.

Anyway, this magic fix is very simple: you strap a comical-looking brain helmet/ swimming cap with electrodes onto Jane’s head and you stand around freaking Kurt the hell out by continually telling him that when the treatment works it’s very, very good, and when it doesn’t, it’s horrid. And you look sympathetic and worried while most of the “real” action – I use this term very loosely, since it’s not only not “real” because it’s a tv show, it’s not actually “real” on that tv show either – happens in her brain.

As Jane and Remi duke it out for control, Jaime Alexander and her stunt double put in a load of work, a few familiar faces (some less welcome than others) pop in to visit and there are some nice callbacks to more fun times (The Big Chair of Truth! The painting with the bullets!), but it’s just not enough to redeem an “experimental” episode which probably seemed like a great idea on the page but comes across as a load of slightly tedious psychobabble on screen. And is far too heavy on the Doe family therapy for me at least. I’m glad Jane’s back, and I’m glad Blindspot’s back too, but I’d really like the rest of the season to be set in the physical world as opposed to the mental one, even if that means we’re now swapping the “Is Jane Really Evil Now?” story for the “Is Zapata?!” one.


One thought on “Blindspot s4 ep 9

  1. Jed Bartlet February 22, 2019 / 9:15 pm

    Yeah, this wasn’t good at all. I’m aware that it looks as if Blindspot could be cancelled at the end of the season, but episodes like this make me think that might not be a bad thing, as inspiration seems to be in short supply.

    Still, I’m a bit more invested in the Zapata arc than you, so I’m not entirely pessimistic about the development at the end of the episode.

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