The Good Doctor s2 ep 12

It’s post-quarantine, the hospital’s getting a deep clean, and it’s just about everyone’s day off. Since the writers clearly feel we’ve had enough of medicine for the time being, The Good Doctor gets to kick back and relax a little, in a sparky but unexceptional episode. 

Morgan invites a startled Claire – after all, they don’t like each other – for mimosas and brunch. The two of them then help Claire’s mother to move out of her apartment, because she’s being beaten up by her partner. (Whether this episode should have started with ‘Kiss With A Fist’, Florence + The Machine’s jaunty take on domestic abuse, is moot.) Morgan, it turns out, was the victim of stalking while at college, and in consequence carries a gun; she and Claire track the boyfriend down in order to tell him to back off, only to discover that believing Claire’s mom is never a good thing. Still, the repositioning of Morgan is now more or less complete, even if I wonder whether we now have the whole truth about her Secret Pain.

Park spends the day with his ex-wife Mia and their son, and by the end Park has persuaded Mia that they might be able to give their relationship another shot. Lim is constipated, both literally and metaphorically: she and Melendez bicker a bit, but then she relents and admits to having feelings for him. They agree it would be a bad idea to pursue a relationship; if, that is, anyone finds out about it. I’m HERE for #Melimdez (?). What they don’t know, mind you, is that a post-virus investigation by the Governor’s office, or whatever it was, is going to recommend that the two of them, plus Shaun, are suspended for their various ethical and personal failings during the virus outbreak.

And Shaun, Lea, and Glassman – head finally repaired, probably – do some go-karting. When Lea goes home, Glassman essentially asks Shaun if he wants to hit that. Shaun is clearly pondering the possibility, but when he gets back to their apartment Lea has a date with some dude named “Jake”. Shaun is clearly not entirely happy about that. This storyline is not one I’m looking forward to.


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