Hawaii Five-0 s9 ep 6

Nine seasons in, H50 can still pull together a very effective cold open when it’s in the mood. Thus we start with the pilot of a civilian plane asking, in what sounds like considerable desperation, for permission to land on an US Navy aircraft carrier, and the commander of the carrier threatening to shoot him down if he comes any closer. The plane keeps descending, though, and is allowed to land; when the doors are opened, the pilot has died of a gunshot wound, and there’s a (live) baby in the back seat.

Steve is then visited by NCIS Agent Emma Warren (Nazneen Contractor), who informs him that the deceased is his old Navy SEAL buddy Carson Rodes, who became a gun-for-hire after leaving the armed forces. (And who Steve was drinking with no more than a couple of days previously.) Agent Warren warns Steve not to get in her way as she investigates the case. Obviously Steve will very much get in the way, to the point where – to Danny’s visible glee – Warren orders Steve to be arrested and cuffed.

The baby will be identified, as will its mother, who is missing. And its father, played by Gabriel Mann, who was, of course, the delectable Nolan in Revenge. There’s a happy ending, unless you’re Carson. Steve and Emma even go for a drink. Actually, Emma fits in with the Five-0 quite well, and I’d be happy to see her back.

Meantime Tani is back at Adam’s house to do a bit more snooping or something. But who should appear but… well, Adam, it being his house and all. He’s back, but he’s evidently not in a good way: unshaven, drinking whisky from the bottle, and rocking a rather unpleasant vest. For why, Adam? “Kono left me”, he tells Tani, and although there’s a certain amount of blather about how they’d changed, I like to think that Kono finally got fed up with marriage to a gangster. While she decides what to do, Danny invites Adam to join the Five-0. Yes, that’s the Adam who “used to be” a Yakuza, has a recent conviction for a double homicide, and – although Steve and Danny don’t yet know this – might well have shot his sister. Should maybe have spoken up before now about the whole gun business, Tani? Anyway, he confronts her at the end of the episode and says the gun was planted. I’m sure it was, Mr Double Killer. A more-than-satisfactory episode.


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