Crazy Ex-Girlfriend s4 ep 12

After four seasons of trying, Rebecca finally manages to persuade one of her suitors – “Greg” – to accompany her to Raging Waters, a waterpark. “Greg” visibly hates it – in a very real sense, I am “Greg” when it comes to waterparks – which, in turn, leads to an argument, as Rebecca thought for some reason that he would enjoy himself when he got there. (“Greg”’s musical explanation, the Springsteen-lite ‘I Hate Everything But You’, is just – “Even more examples!” – great.)

But the tension between them very quickly spirals out of control; as “Greg” observes, Rebecca hasn’t been going to therapy, and it affects her behaviour for the worse. He is, perhaps, a trifle mansplainy about it, but he’s also right. So they each go home on their own, and it’s then that the real trouble starts: Rebecca gets drunk and, still barely in control of her moods, heads over to Nathaniel’s house to try and seduce him. I am, of course, on Team Nathaniel, but not like this. He resists; as does Josh when she tries the same with him.

Meantime, Paula is suffering a meltdown of a different kind: she’s burning several candles at several ends, and suffering from physical symptoms which look like peri-menopause. When she finally makes it to her delightfully acerbic doctor, though, he takes a matter of seconds to diagnose her and phone the ICU: she is, he informs her, having a cardiac arrest. Paula is appalled. “I have stuff to do!” she pleads. “Cool”, replies her doctor. “Then put dropping dead on your to-do list for today”.

By the end Rebecca has reconnected with Dr Shin, who – in the face of her reluctant acquiescence – prescribes her some medication, and Paula is in recovery. It’s not the most joyous Crazy Ex-G, but it connected as satisfactorily as any episode this season.


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