The Good Doctor s2 ep 11

I had forgotten just how many balls were in the air when The Good Doctor went on hiatus, and it’s to the show’s credit that it maintains some sort of control over this episode. The hero of the hour, though, is unequivocally Dr Reznick, who a season ago I described as “pushy, ambitious, and generally appalling”. (Would I have used similar language for a male doctor? Yes I would, had they behaved like Reznick.) The ambition is still there, as is the laser-like focus, but she’s infinitely more of a team player, as she immediately proves by bringing Shaun out of his meltdown by getting him to concentrate on Santa Pete, the patient she’s treating. And by bringing a DNR patient, Bob, back to life so that his bone marrow can be harvested. “We just saved his life and violated his rights!” says Morgan to Melendez, in one of the most medical drama-y medical drama lines ever.

What I really care about, though, is Dr Lim, who has collapsed after exposure to The Virus. Never fear, though, because Reznick has a way of saving her as well, while – in her spare time – working out how The Virus is transmitted. Quite an hour for Reznick. The revived Shaun, meantime, carries out his first Caesarian section, supervised through a glass screen by someone who actually knows what she’s doing. (Not Reznick, for once.) And Glassman has to come to terms with the fact that his tumour has returned. Will he tell Shaun? Nope, he concludes. Leah criticises him for his attitude to Shaun and Glassman, not entirely unreasonably, returns fire by pointing to the whole kissing-him-then-moving-away-and-moving-back thing. He is, snaps Glassman, “not some hamster you get to play with”. Fair play to Leah, though, who isn’t for backing down: “I’m gonna let this slide”, she retorts. “Because you’re dying”.

Glassman actually has meningitis, not a tumour, so he might live, and Shaun even accepts a hug from him. Lim lives. The woman giving birth lives, as does her baby. Park’s son Kellan lives. The recipient of the bone marrow lives. Santa Pete lives. In fact, the only person who doesn’t make it is Bob the bone marrow donor, and as he had a DNR anyway I suppose that means he can’t complain about Reznick. A remarkably busy episode; not The Good Doctor at its best, but hardly a dull moment.


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