Public Service Announcement 1 of 2019: Catastrophe, LA To Vegas, Charmed

Dysfunctional marriage comedy Catastrophe is back for its fourth season tonight. During its first run of episodes I described it as “performing minor miracles… pulling off the trick of being adorably sweet, filthy, and funny all at the same time”. Unfortunately, in seasons 2 and 3 it misplaced the sweetness and a lot of the humour, replacing them with a sour and angry misanthropy. To be clear: there is very much a place for anger, and sour misanthropy, in my life and on my TV. But I expect my comedies to be funny at least; and, despite the presence of Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, two of the most attractive and likeable performers around, Catastrophe just became a lot harder to love. Will this be remedied in season 4? We’ll find out from 10pm tonight on Channel 4.

Also starting tonight: the first and only season of LA To Vegas, an American sitcom about a budget airline. Apart from the curiosity value of seeing Jack from Stalker in a comedy, there doesn’t seem much reason to watch this: the critical response was lukewarm at best, and it was cancelled by Fox after 15 episodes (Paramount, 9pm). Also, The CW’s reboot of witchy fantasy drama Charmed gets under way tonight. This time the reviews might best be described as “mixed”, but Unpopcult has a track record of liking CW shows (E4, 9pm).



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