Unpopcult Awards 2018: The Results

poll picHappy new year, everybody! 2018’s done and so’s our poll – thanks again for all your votes, it’s time to announce the results of the Unpopcult Awards 2018. Here are your winners:

Best Show: The Good Fight

The Good Wife was a remarkable achievement, but somehow show supremos the Kings have managed to catch lightning in a bottle twice. The second season of its astonishing spin—off consistently covered politics, technology, race, gender in the smartest, fastest, sharpest way and was damn funny too. Beating hot newcomer Bodyguard into second place, Diane and co won 2018 and should be back with a third season soon.

(Previous winners for US Show: 2008 – Lost; 2009 – Mad Men; 2010 – Lost; 2011 – The Good Wife; 2012 – The Good Wife; 2013 – Scandal; 2014 – The Good Wife; 2015 – Game of Thrones; 2016 – Stranger Things; 2017 – The Handmaid’s Tale) 
(Previous winners for UK/International Show: 2010 – Spooks; 2011 – Being Human; 2012 – Sherlock; 2013 – The Almighty Johnsons; 2014 – Sherlock; 2015 – The Bridge (Bron/Broen); 2016 – Deutschland 83), 2017 – Private Eyes

Best New Show: Killing Eve

I’m probably not the best person to write about Killing Eve, since I pretty much hated it, but as far as the Unpopcult massive (and the rest of the planet) are concerned, I’m something of an outlier. Just about everybody else seemed to love this tale of female spy vs female assassin, and fair enough. The girls beat the boy (Bodyguard) into second place by some distance, so well done ladies and all the best for season two.

(Previous winners: 2011 – Game of Thrones; 2013 – The Blacklist; 2014 – True Detective; 2015 – Jane the Virgin; 2016 – Stranger Things; 2017 – The Handmaid’s Tale)

Best Actor: Sterling K Brown, This Is Us

What is there left to say about SKB? Our Best Actor three years in a row, now, for a warm, beautifully-calibrated performance that stands out even in This Is Us’s superlative cast. The more he makes us cry, the more we love him. Sob.

(Previous winners: 2008 – Jon Hamm, Michael C. Hall, Zeljko Ivanek; 2009 – Hugh Laurie; 2010 – Michael Emerson; 2011 – Timothy Olyphant; 2012 – Damian Lewis; 2013 – James Spader; 2014 – Josh Charles; 2015 – Jaime Camil; 2016 – Sterling K Brown; 2017 – Sterling K Brown)

Best Actress: Christine Baranksi

Last year’s winner Elisabeth Moss just missed out on the crown this time around, but Diane Lockhart is a legend, and Christine Baranski’s performance has been one for the ages since the first time she donned a patterned jacket and chunky necklace so many years ago on The Good Wife. She RULES.

(Previous winners: 2008 – January Jones, Kristin Chenoweth, Glenn Close; 2009: Hermione Norris; 2010 – Jane Lynch; 2011 – Margo Martindale; 2012 – Julianna Margulies; 2013 – Julianna Margulies; 2014 – Julianna Margulies; 2015 – Taraji P Henson; 2016 – Sarah Paulson; 2017 – Elisabeth Moss)

Best Ensemble: The Good Fight

The main cast alone would have more than deserved this, but add in the wonderful recurring cast of judges, foes and family, as well as the consistently brilliant guest stars of the week, and you have the deepest bench on tv. The Good Fight stormed to victory in this category and deservedly so – I love a lot of the other nominees, but nobody came close to Diane and co. Fantastic.

(Previous winners: 2008 – Lost, Mad Men and Battlestar Galactica; 2009 – Mad Men; 2009 – Lost; 2010 – Lost; 2011 – Southland; 2012 – The Good Wife; 2013 – Game of Thrones; 2014 – Game of Thrones; 2015 – The Good Wife; 2016 – Game of Thrones; 2017 – Game of Thrones)

Ship of the Year: Shade and Angie, Private Eyes

The nicest show on tv gives us unpopcult’s shippiest ship on the year for the third time in a row. We ❤️ Shangie forever.

(Previous winners: 2011 – Lund and Hartman; 2012 – Will and Alicia; 2013 – Jane and Lisbon; 2014 In Memoriam Award – Will and Alicia; 2016 – Shade and Angie; 2017 – Shade and Angie

In Our Dreams (Male): Richard Madden, Bodyguard

Having come second in a bunch of other categories, Bodyguard’s honour is salvaged by a win for Richard Madden who broke hearts and delighted them in equal measure this year as the damaged, determined and super-attractive David Budd. Commiserations to the other nominees, you’re all lovely, but Robb Stark is the King in the North of Unpopcult’s hearts this time around.

(Previous winners: 2009 – Richard Armitage; 2010 – Richard Armitage; 2011 – Shane West; 2012 – Simon Baker; 2013 – Gregory Fitoussi; 2014 – Michiel Huisman; 2015 – Gregory Fitoussi; 2016 – Gregory Fitoussi; 2017 – Gregory Fitoussi)

Most Annoying Storyline: Juliette and the Cult, Nashville

A strong bunch of contenders this year, but this bafflingly irritating storyline not only came close to destroying one of Nashville’s best characters but separated its best actress from the entire rest of the cast for most of its final season, destroyed her relationship yet again and locked her up in a closet in Bolivia. Or something. Whatever, it was awful and it’s over. Thank goodness.

(Previous winners: 2012 – Dana’s Hit-and-Run, Homeland; 2013 – Kalinda’s Ex, The Good Wife; 2014 – Jack being a “Good” Stalker, Stalker; 2015 – B-613, Scandal; 2016 – Everyone’s inexplicable love for Beverly, Nashville; 2017 – FLOTUS, FMILOTUS and re-framing an entirely legitimate investigation as a “witch hunt”, Designated Survivor)

Most Annoying Character: Scarlett, Nashville

It’s been a long time coming, but Scarlett, after five years of doing everyone but Jed’s head in has finally made it! I don’t want to be mean, but annoying people more than Toby, Deacon’s Dad and the rest of the desperadoes in this category is quite the feat. You go, girl! Especially now that the show has finished and I never have to see/hear you again. Woo hoo!

(Previous winners: 2008 – Mohinder Suresh, Heroes; 2009 – President Allison Taylor, 24; 2010 – Susan Delfino, Desperate Housewives; 2011 – Will Schuester, Glee; 2012 – Ellis Boyd, Smash; 2013 – Van Pelt, The Mentalist; 2014 – Damian, The Good Wife; 2015 – Francis Poldark, Poldark; 2016 – Deacon, Nashville; 2017 – Toby, This Is Us)

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that for unpopcult’s 2018. As ever, thank you all for your votes, and for watching, reading and commenting with us over the past year. May your 2019 be full of fun and good times, on tv and otherwise.


One thought on “Unpopcult Awards 2018: The Results

  1. Jed Bartlet January 1, 2019 / 7:17 pm

    The people have spoken. But I’m devastated that Toby didn’t go 2-for-2.

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