Blindspot s4 ep 5


There are some really cool shots of drones in this episode. And that’s about it. Plot one has the better idea: Rich “sustaining dew” Dotcom has accidentally inspired an environmental terrorist group – ok, his “algorithm has inspired an environmental terrorist group” but he knows that’s no better – which is going to attack New York TODAY. (As usual.) Rich has a few cute moments in the process of trying to stop this, and, like I said, there are really cool shots of drones, but the story’s nothing new, the execution is utterly perfunctory and the only part of it that’s surprising is that Keaton gets shot. I like Keaton! I don’t want him to die.

At this point, though, I’d be quite happy for Zapata to go to the great bullpen in the sky instead. Plot two is her now standard, increasingly turgid fare: doing something bad in what she thinks is the least bad way possible and being all angsty about it. Zzzzzzzz. This week, Reade is on the other end of whatever it is she’s doing and his reward is a big bruise and a pro forma lecture about how everything is the fault of the government/ law enforcement/ humanity/ delete as appropriate. Yeah, whatevs, girlfriend. Not only have we heard this kind of speech before on EVERY. PROCEDURAL. EVER, but we actually hear it at least twice in this episode: Team Drone appear to be reading from the same Big Book of Boring Excuses for Badness as Tasha and everybody else. So you’ll forgive me if I roll my eyes and go back to fretting about Keaton and hoping Rich and Patterson get better material to work with next week, because even they couldn’t save this one. Dull.


One thought on “Blindspot s4 ep 5

  1. Jed Bartlet December 18, 2018 / 8:34 am

    Nothing special, but I liked the way they handwaved the drone issue at the end. “I don’t know how to control these drones which are about to incinerate all of New York City in a matter of seconds!… oh, right.”

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