Berlin Station s1 ep 7


Things go from bad to worse to completely terrible for the Berlin Station team this week with lies, politics and the small matter of someone setting Steven Frost up to take the fall making the search for Clare even harder than it already is. And it’s already kind of impossible.

Poor Steven does his best to sort things out by the book, but that’s obviously not going to work, so everyone else is going for more unorthodox methods: Dr Dubenko goes to Golda, who has her price; German Ally McBeal tracks down the Iosova rendition team in a lap dancing club; and Hector and Daniel (Richard Armitage) launch their own Lethal Weapon-style (but without the jokes) rescue mission, with Michelle Forbes being quietly fantastic in the process.

It’s fast, tense and bleak, with plenty of “adult themes” and an unapologetically unhappy ending. In short, if you’re looking for a fun time, look elsewhere. This is grim stuff. Compelling, though. And on the plus side, Daniel is definitely onto you-know-who now, I am totally going to start shipping him and Michelle Forbes (Farmitage? Vaniel?), and, somewhat surprisingly, treason seems to have made Dr Dubenko a lot nicer round the office. Every cloud, etc.

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