Blindspot s4 ep 3

This utter delight of an episode begins with a neat little sidestep away from last week’s cliffhanger: we know the Remy/ Kurt confrontation is coming eventually, but not today. Today’s all about Patterson, Rich and the Quantico recruits back at the office, and it is just glorious.

Patterson’s love life shenanigans. Rich’s super-speedy briefings. “Little Face-timesy” videos. Team Tat covered in paint and feathers (“He also had chickens.”) – if there was any part of “The Quantico Affair” that wasn’t ace, I don’t remember it. And at the centre of it all, the unpopcult dream team of PatDotcom (“Ride or die”, you guys!) and a riotously funny, joyously entertaining script delivered with so much fun and flair it made my month. “Eh, they just wanna kick down doors, they don’t care about the stuff we do in here”- au contraire, Rich, mon frère. I love Ennis Esmer. I love Ashley Johnson. And I absolutely loved this. Magnificent.

2 thoughts on “Blindspot s4 ep 3

  1. Jed Bartlet December 3, 2018 / 8:43 am

    This was one of my favourite episodes EVER. Quickly dispensed with the silly syringe plot and got on with the PatDotCom action. I’m ashamed to say I laughed at the cheap innuendoes – “Not riding you too hard? I want you ON him. I want you on him all day” – and at Weitz’s goofy lack of tech knowledge (“your… air gap… thingy…”). Also, shifting the action from the field to the office was a stroke of genius. I’m sure we’ll be back to the door-kicking next time, but this was the quickest – and best – hour of my TV week.

  2. Kay20 May 16, 2019 / 4:45 am

    Whomever wrote this episode deserves all the bravos. Laugh out loud moments and Rich and Patterson were AWESOME.

    “That’s why you show your work. “

    OMG. One of the best episodes ever.

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