The Good Doctor s2 ep 7

Another very enjoyable episode. Case of the Week #1 features Claire’s old college roommate Kayla, who has terminal cancer. Claire thinks that Melendez might be able to perform a procedure which can alleviate her pain, and Melendez – despite the tension between him and Claire – readily agrees. (Wasn’t there a time when we thought they were going to hit it?) That surgery reveals that Kayla might be suitable for further – risky, natch – treatment which could prolong her life. Kayla agrees to proceed, but meantime is almost begging Claire and Dash to go on a date, with a view to them becoming an item once Kayla has died. Eventually they agree to go out for a meal.

In Case #2, builder Santiago perforates one of his kidneys with a nail gun. Well, I say “one of his kidneys”, but the quickest of peeks inside reveals that he only ever had one. He needs a donation, and his brother Armando is a match, but will only donate one of his own kidneys if Santiago agrees to sell the family business. The two of them are locked into a game of bluff: will Santiago sell; will Armando back down; will Santiago die?

Around about halfway through this episode, I had the pleasurable realisation that I had no idea who was going to live or die, and whether Dash and Claire were going to smash, with the blessing of Dash’s wife. They don’t. (Yet. I’d like to see this revisited next season.) The kidney is, eventually and grudgingly, handed over. And Kayla hangs on, with a mid-surgery save from Claire, which isn’t enough, yet, to get her back on Team Melendez.

I’m not sure the show is making the best use of Richard Schiff at the moment: this week, to what should have been the sound of portentous music, Glassman has a memory lapse. The Shaun/Lea roomies story is a little better: they buy a goldfish named Hubert; it dies, leading Lea to think that, after the spectacular failure of her return home to Hershey, she’s useless. Shaun proves that it wasn’t her fault, and gets quite the fond look. Hm. Will they go there? And The The’s sublime ‘This Is The Day‘ soundtracks the final scenes, rounding the episode off nicely.


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