Blindspot s4 ep 2


Blindspot continues its efforts to out-crazy itself this week with a story about a twenty-year-old magnetic mural on the wall at Tat HQ, which in turn leads to a fake secret spy club, which in turn leads to a real secret Russian plot and a talking ATM filled with sleeping gas instead of cash. Sure, why not.

That, however, is not even the half of it. Evil Jane is doing a spot of Evil Science, slipping Patterson a sugar pill to keep her temporarily incapacitated (see gas, sleeping) and prepping a nasty-looking syringe to make Weller more permanently so. Boston Arliss Crabb is back and trying to supplant Rich in everyone’s affections (as if!). Keaton is back too and suddenly acting a lot more protective of Zapata than he’s ever been before, either because he’s realised (correctly) that it’s the easiest way to get info out of the lovelorn Reade, or because the writers have realised (correctly) that Kapata would be a much better ship anyway. And Zapata herself is getting into a bit of a pickle thanks to a woman I’m sure Team Tat already locked up last year but who knows any more, a completely insane Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and a terrified little girl hiding in a wardrobe. Go big or go home, right?

If you’re looking for a realistic portrait of the challenges facing public sector intelligence services, I don’t think (I mean, without first-hand experience, I don’t actually know – maybe sleeping gas ATMs are actually a thing) this is the episode for you, but if you’re looking for some entertaining spy shenanigans with a healthy sense of the ridiculous and a fun way to spend 40ish minutes, fill your boots. Season 4 so far has some real pep in its step.


One thought on “Blindspot s4 ep 2

  1. Jed Bartlet November 25, 2018 / 8:50 pm

    I LOVED this. The writers aren’t even making the merest gesture in the direction of realism any more. Good for them. This was great. And the Boston/Rich rivalry was delicious.

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