Berlin Station s1 ep 5


First things first: I am sehr-annoyed that I didn’t see the revelation at the end coming weeks ago. Those cheekbones were right there in front of me the whole time, but I let myself get distracted by a blond wig and some lipstick. (If you’re still watching this show, you’ll know what I mean, and if you’re not, you won’t care.) The show worked me well, but then half the cast is working the other half of it this week, so I’m hardly alone.

The Israelis are working Dr Dubenko, it being obvious that he’ll work himself up into enough of a frenzy of imagined slights and oversights to succumb by the end of the ep. Michelle Forbes – with a bit of help from Clare – is working two of Ruth’s teenage “ISIL brides” and reluctant informant/ idiot Swingset. Or trying to – she apparently doesn’t get very far with the girls (although I’m not sure what else she thought they’d get – the girls pretty much confirmed everything she thought) and, as Michelle points out, it remains to be seen which side Swingset is actually on. And speaking of choosing sides, Hector’s having a mixed week as well; working Patricia and Clare goes well for him, working Ingrid not so much, but then I don’t understand how he thought it could. He knows the CIA are in the paper’s computers and he must’ve realised they’d do something to sort the Lin problem out before he exposed it – was he banking on Ingrid publishing the story before Richard Armitage’s Daniel and co had a chance to get ahead of it? Why wasn’t he listening to Daniel’s phone to get ahead of him?

As for Daniel himself – well, he’s working his way into German Ally McBeal’s bed, but sadly not her affections. Bless him, he’s clearly very into her, and she’s very into using that to her advantage. I mean, she likes him enough but she likes the idea of turning him better. Poor Daniel. He doesn’t fall for it, although I think if she’d waited a bit longer before playing her hand, he might well have fallen for her. Still might, too. It’s not a ship I’m keen on though – Daniel, liebling, maybe find a girl who appreciates your company more than your security clearance, huh?

Anyway. Daniel’s love life might have stalled for a moment but, for whatever reason – sex, lies, spycraft, a strange man dancing naked to “Under Pressure” for no reason beyond weirding everyone out, you pick – this pacy, well-plotted ep seems to move a lot faster and a lot more compellingly than some of the previous ones. Gut.

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