The Good Doctor s2 ep 6

Jas, a young violinist, has an infected finger, which she thinks was as a result of a manicure. Or, offers Shaun, “it might be flesh-eating bacteria and we may have to cut off your finger”. Morgan advocates for a more conservative approach to diagnosis and treatment: as a former archer herself, she knows that even removing a small piece of tissues for biopsy purposes will have consequences for Jas’s playing. The problem is that Shaun is right about the diagnosis, and by the time it’s discovered it isn’t just Jas’s finger which is forfeit. Morgan blames herself.

Meantime Riley, a teenage girl with divorced parents, has a severe nosebleed. This is the latest in a long line of minor ailments, which she’s obviously faking to get her parents back together. This time it’s Claire – and I’m roughly a year and a half too late in realising that Antonia Thomas was also Alisha in Misfits – who sticks to her diagnostic guns as Riley’s condition worsens, insisting on risky surgery to explore what looks like a tumour on one of Riley’s lungs. It isn’t quite, but it is nonetheless the cause of Riley’s multiple symptoms. This enables Claire to look good in front of new boss Lim and former boss Melendez.

In personal backstory news, I’m not as taken with the flatsharing fights between Lea and Shaun as the writers clearly want me to be: Lea must have known what living with Shaun would be like, so although it’s entirely understandable when she starts shouting at him because of his behaviour it isn’t quite fair. It does, however, lead to a charming scene between Lea and Glassman – who I think she gets away with addressing as “Glassy”  – in which he tells her that if she can’t tolerate life with Shaun she should leave him now. She stays. Not as good as some of the episodes this season, but perfectly enjoyable.


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