Crazy Ex-Girlfriend s4 ep 3

Rebecca has decided that it’s time to go back to work, but isn’t entirely sure that she wants to be a lawyer any more. This point is rammed home by Jim – formerly an attorney with Rebecca’s firm, but now happily running a pretzel stand in the foyer – who performs a terrific New Jack Swing pastiche entitled ‘Don’t Be A Lawyer’ in which the title is rhymed with, among other things, “guaranteed soul destroyer”. Unpopcult is 100% made of lawyers, incidentally, and appalled by this. (On the other hand, there are indeed “so many other professions that don’t turn you into Jeff Sessions”.)

One of the very best things about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has always been that, whatever else is happening in Rebecca’s life, she’s never anything other than great at her job. And even after all that she’s been through, that continues to be the case: one of the firm’s most important and difficult clients is in the office, somewhat dissatisfied with the way in which her case is being handled, and Rebecca knocks it out of the park. But she still isn’t happy, and to start with she joins Jim’s pretzel business, then takes it over herself.

And… apart from Heather and Hector getting married, Josh dipping his toes back in the dating pond, and some excellent “narc” puns – my favourite was Narc-er Posey, but YMMV – that’s kind of it. It’s worth noting that, as might be expected from such a female-centric show, there’s plenty of stealth role-reversal. It’s Rebecca, rather than Nathan, who crushes the meeting with the difficult client; it’s Hector, rather than Heather, who wants the traditional wedding; and it’s Josh who frets about being seen as a sexual object. All of which helps to give a charming and lightweight episode something of a point. Not too much of one, though.


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