The Good Doctor s2 ep 3

Glassman’s surgery was successful, so Shaun is more or less skipping with happiness. Which is just as well, because he and Morgan are going straight into a 36-hour shift in the ER, nominally supervised by Lim. “I have a ton of personal crap I gotta take care of today”, Lim makes clear. “So… I’m on call but don’t call me unless you absolutely need to. But you’d better not need to”.

Which means that Shaun and Morgan need to deal, on their own, with an unfortunate young man who has a bad case of priapism. “You don’t want necrosis to set in!” Shaun cheerfully exclaims. They also handle a boy with a lightbulb in his mouth. Yes, it went in, so in theory it should come out. In theory.

Back in the surgical unit, meantime, Dr Melendez is operating on a woman with endometriosis, in which he is assisted by Claire and Alex. But this goes wrong in every which way. On the table, the poor woman is in all sorts of bother. And beside the table, Melendez, Claire, and Nurse Flores stop just short of punching each other out: Claire is still bruised from an earlier encounter with Andrews, at which he brutally shut down her suggestion that 36-hour shifts weren’t going to yield optimal working conditions for doctors. So she’s very much ready to react when she feels slighted by Melendez on the basis of her gender. And this is all in the context of her being told, very recently, to be more assertive. Flores disagrees with Melendez’s behaviour so volubly that he tells her to scrub out because of her behaviour, and she flat out refuses to do so.

It would be easy to say that this episode’s treatment of some very important issues about women in the workplace was reductive. And it’s not for Mr Guy here to say it wasn’t. But… I thought it illustrated both macro- and micro-aggressions of the sexist kind swiftly and compellingly, in the necessarily restricted setting of a 45-minute procedural drama. Even the resolution to this – in which the three protagonists tell Andrews that everything’s OK – is attractively ambiguous.

Anyway. Lim’s personal crap? Oh yes. She’s representing herself in traffic court, pissing off the judge to the point where she’s found in contempt and is sent to the cells. Then on her release she beds the prosecutor. Dr Lim, I may be in love with you. And Shaun is still trying to find a way of dealing with his feelings for, and about, Lea. It;’s worth noting that Morgan seems to have shifted from straightforwardly obnoxious to snarky-with-a-point, which is better.

This, in short, was fabulously entertaining, moving, and thought-provoking. On any view, it was a very good episode of TV. I’d be inclined to call it outstanding.


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