Crazy Ex-Girlfriend s4 ep 1

Although at the end of the third season we left Rebecca facing imprisonment, we kind of know that she’s not actually going to end up with a conviction for attempting to murder Trent, even if she pled guilty. So the judge refuses to accept her plea and gives her six weeks in jail to consider her position. Rebecca is fine with this, because she’s consumed by the idea that she deserves what is happening to her. About which, not for what she did to Trent, she might have a kind of point.

But ultimately it’s ridiculous, and the show calls her on it in a number of ways: her fellow prisoners, not entirely unkindly, lose patience with her when she hijacks their session with nonprofit theatre group Bright Lights in the Big House – hee – and turns it into a production number, during which she starts to realise that she’s just being self-indulgent. Then Heather skewers her as a “rich white lawyer lady who pled guilty for dramatic effect. It’s kinda gross”.

If Rebecca’s #privilege is going to be a theme, it’ll be interesting to see how this is balanced with her genuine health problems. But the greater problem, I think, will be finding a way to move the show, and its characters, towards a conclusion. The episode’s big number, ‘No-One Else Is Singing My Song’, is performed, singly and in harmony, by the whole cast, and it kinda sorta acknowledges that they’re all stuck: Nathaniel, rejected by Rebecca, goes on a survivalist adventure, from which George rescues him; Josh (absurdly) is convinced that he has some sort of disorder, and needs a session with “Dr Man-Akopian” to put him right. And when Rebecca gets out of prison – Paula taking the necessary action to ensure that Trent tells the truth – she re-unites with Nathaniel and it seems as if everyone’s really back where they started.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, though, is nothing if not knowing, so it rearranges things just a little in its final scenes: Rebecca declines a holiday in Hawaii with Nathaniel, in favour of returning to jail, this time to offer free legal advice to the inmates, presumably to bring her face-to-face with people who suffer real prejudice. It’s a slightly subdued episode; not bad by any means, but perhaps a little weary.


One thought on “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend s4 ep 1

  1. Kay20 November 1, 2018 / 4:53 pm

    Glad it’s back!!! Loved the prison number, it cracked me up.

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