Public Service Announcement 36 of 2018: The Cry

Well. If you’re the BBC, how do you follow the biggest ratings success in British TV drama for years? With another homegrown drama, of course. Trying to fill those big Richard Madden-sized shoes is four-parter The Cry, based on the novel by Helen FitzGerald, in which Scot Joanna (Jenna Coleman) and her Australian husband Alistair (Ewen Leslie) travel from Scotland to Australia in order to fight for custody of Alistair’s daughter from his first marriage. While there, though, their baby son goes missing.

The cast is interesting: on the Aussie side of things Leslie is joined by Asher Keddie (as Alistair’s ex-wife) and Alex Dimitriades, all of whom are seriously big news in their home country. Stella Gonet and Sophie Kennedy are helping Coleman to fly the Saltire. I’m not planning to watch, but I can rest assured that if this is even half-decent (or less) I’ll be hearing all about it (tonight, 9pm, BBC One).


2 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement 36 of 2018: The Cry

  1. CJ Cregg September 30, 2018 / 10:29 pm

    Teen drama dept: I remember Alex Dimitriades from Heartbreak High. Good times.

    Meanwhile, Stella Gonet was in one of my all-time favourite shows from the 90s: “The House of Elliot”, which was about 2 sisters in the 1920s who start their own fashion house. I doubt it would stand up now – it wasn’t exactly high-brow then – but I loved it. I shipped Stella’s character Bea and Aden Gillett’s character Jack SO MUCH.

    Notwithstanding all that, I won’t be watching The Cry. I actually don’t have any doubt it’ll be good but there’s already more than enough misery in the world – I’m in no mood to subject myself to a harrowing drama about a missing baby on top of it.

  2. e October 4, 2018 / 11:11 pm

    Worse, I know how the story goes. Unless you’re looking for validation on how the world judges mothers with a difficult child, I would skip, were I you.

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