Public Service Announcement 35 of 2018: Hollywood’s Brightest Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story; Manson: The Lost Tapes; The Good Place; The Good Cop; Maniac

A couple of factual shows tonight which might be of interest. At 9pm BBC4 has Hollywood’s Brightest Bombshell, a documentary about Hedy Lamarr, which covers her on- and off-screen lives, unpacking her remarkable and little-known record as a scientific innovator. (I was entirely unaware of it until alerted three years ago by the reliably excellent You Must Remember This podcast.)

At the same time, ITV 1 is showing the first of its two-parter about Family man Charles Manson. The Lost Tapes promises some never-seen-before footage which draws on the archive of deceased filmmaker Robert Hendrickson, who had been given exclusive access to Manson and his gang. Will it add anything to the story? Don’t know, but I’ll be watching. 

And a Netflix roundup: season 3 of yes-I-know-I-should-be-watching-it The Good Place starts on Friday. CJ says that The Good Cop is “criminally bad”. And I also feel bound to report that my daughter loves Maniac, and watched the whole thing in a weekend. Let’s say 90%, Metacritic, if you’re looking in.


2 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement 35 of 2018: Hollywood’s Brightest Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story; Manson: The Lost Tapes; The Good Place; The Good Cop; Maniac

  1. e September 29, 2018 / 7:56 pm

    Good Place showed up on Netflix. I watched S1 while doing other things. It was fine. I mildly liked it, especially Janet. Then a time later, S2 showed up. And I watched it. And I mildly liked it. S3 is showing live now. I’m skipping it. When it shows up on Netflix, I’ll watch it. I expect to mildly like it.

    I started watching Maniac and doing other things and then I realized that you cannot watch Maniac and do other things. It’s one of those that, there’s so much going on in worldbuilding, that you will miss a lot if you’re not looking at the screen. It demands more attention. People love it. I’m confused by it but it seems to have a certain quality that makes it worth starting over and watching it thoughtfully. I suspect this isn’t going to be a perfectly plotted clues in the background decipher the real story one. It seems a little self indulgent for that. But I’m ready to start watching and deconstructing. What did your daughter get out of it? What did she love?

    Hedy has always been a hero of mine. I wish I could see that one. If memory serves, she created frequency hopping tech.

    Manson sounds creepy. Let us know if it is well done.

    I’m slowly working through the tedious Iron Fist S2. Marvel-ly speaking, I’m looking forward to Daredevil 3. Luke Cage 2 was a big surprise after the letdown of Jessica Jones 2. It was a slow burn that turned brilliant once its villains were unleashed. They were magnificent. The title character was merely an afterthought but the villain story was unmatched. Superb work, especially by Theo Rossi.

    • Jed Bartlet October 1, 2018 / 7:28 pm

      The first episode of Manson (there are two in total) featured footage of Family members talking directly to camera, no more than a matter of months after his arrest, about life with Charlie. Therefore, creepy as eff. Second ep this week.

      My daughter likes the relationship between the two leads in Maniac. And everything else about it.

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